Nelson Lakes National Park, New Zealand

Posted On June 1, 2010 

Nelson Lakes National Park is a charming alpine park of rocky peaks, glacial lakes, and forests.

Nelson Lakes National Park is a dense area of soaring mountain ranges that are separated by means of forested valleys, and promises each and every level of challenge meant for any keen hiker or mountaineer.

According to the Maori mythology these lakes were actually created by the grand chief Rakaihaitu digging holes through his ko (commonly the digging stick). One of those holes developed into Lake Rotoiti (the one with small amount of waters), while the other hole developed into Lake Rotoroa (the one with huge amount of waters).

Nelson Lakes National Park is quite famous for the mysterious honeydew beech forests that feed a diversity of melodious nectar-eating inhabitant birds; this park provides a simple wilderness get away. The village of St Arnaud is located in close proximity and is quite comfortable and has a well-equipped base designed for the visitors.

nelson lakes national park new zealand

Nelson Lakes National Park – Key Highlights

The magnificent countryside of Nelson Lakes National Park was shaped by the gigantic glaciers throughout the latest ice ages, and numerous glacial landforms stay behind – Lake Rotoroa and Lake Rotoiti are two of the most noticeable examples.

Between the months of January and April, the broad beech forest, which covers the lower regions of this park shimmers through a cover of honeydew, and fills the air with a mouth-watering sweetness. Also, the honeydew – every drop hanging on the end of a delicate tube, which overhangs from the tree trunk – is created through scale insects processing the tree sap for making pure sugar. For numerous native birds, insects, and lizards this honeydew acts as a source of rich food in the forest.

nelson lakes national park

The Department of Conservation is enthusiastically working in this park for creating a pest-free refuge, which will consequently hold greater numbers of kakariki, bush robins, kaka, giant snails and inhabitant bats.

Nelson Lakes National Park – Accommodationnelson lakes national park accommodation

The Department of Conservation offers accommodation to the hikers in this park. Here accommodation is a mixture of ‘Standard’, ‘Basic’, and ‘Serviced’ huts. Normally the serviced huts are provided with the bunks or the sleeping platforms with water supply, mattresses, heating, hand washing and toilet facilities – few of them also provide cooking facilities. The standard huts are provided with the bunks or the sleeping platforms with a toilet, water supply, and mattresses. The basic huts offer shelter with restricted services and facilities. Apart from these huts you can also stay at the motels and lodges that are located in St Arnaud. Also there are various camping grounds in this park.

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  1. vareeja says:

    Nelson Lakes National Park (established in 1956) is situated in the north of New Zealand’s South Island. This park protects 102,000 hectares of the northern most Southern Alps. The park offers tranquil beech forest, craggy mountains, clear streams and lakes both big and small.

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