Golden Divinity – Golden Temple

Posted On May 18, 2012 

Come to India, and go to Amritsar the land of Sri Harmandir Sahib or the Golden temple as it otherwise known. Also called the Sri Darbar Sahib, this is a place of absolute scenic beauty and the pilgrim spot for not only the Sikhs but for many across the world.

It is said that the fifth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan Sahib had the idea of having a central pilgrim spot for the Sikhs and designed the entire structure of the Golden Temple. Guru Amardas Sahib designed it and the work got completed in the 15th century. A Muslim saint by the name of Hazrat Mian Mir Ji laid the foundation in the year 1588. Guru Arjan Sahib supervised the construction and he insisted that the temple be built on a lower level and having entries and exits from four places. This place can be visited by any person of any caste, creed or sex or religion.

Golden templeWith a 67sq ft. platform this temple is around 40.5 ft square. There is a door on all directions and the arch or the Darshani Deori is at the end of the causeway. There is a 10ft high arch and it is decorated intricately with beautiful artistic work. This leads into the causeway which takes us to the main Harmandir Sahib building.

The bridge is linked to the Pardakshna which surrounds the temple and then leads to the steps of God or the Har ki Paure. The first floor of this Har ki Paure is a place where the holy book of the Sikhs Adi Granth is continuously read out.

The entire structure of the main temple is with 3 storeys. The front overlooks the bridge and there are many arches here. The first floor has a roof which is around 26feet high. There is a high parapet on the first floor which surrounds all the sides and there are four Mamtees on the four corners too. This is also exactly above the main hall in the sanctuary and here is where lies the third floor. This is a small room and it has three gates. Here too the Adi Granth is recited.

Golden templeOn top of this room is the Gumbaz or the dome. It has beautiful designs of lotus motifs and is at the base. On top of these lotus motifs lies the Kalash or holy pot with a beautifully designed Chhatri in the end.

The entire architecture of the place is a blend of the Hindus and the Muslim construction designs. It is actually the best kind of architectural feat in the whole world. This is a unique form of independent Sikh architectural design not seen across India.

Situated in Amritsar, this is considered extremely holy by all the Sikhs as the Guru of Sikhism started it.

The entire temple has a large lake or Sarovar surrounding it and it is believed to have the holy water or immortal nectar or Amrit. Holy trees or bers surround the place and each tree is believed to signify a historical event of the past or a saint. The four entrances signify openness and warmth that spreads across the world.

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