Wat Traimit-The Temple Of Golden Buddha

Posted On December 11, 2009 


Wat Traimit is commonly known as the Temple of the Golden Buddha. The Wat Traimit is located in Bangkok. It is located at one of the end of Chinatown. The statue of Buddha in the Wat Traimit is the largest statute in the world which is made up of solid Gold.  The weight of the statute is around five thousand kilograms. Also the height of the statute is around 15 feet.The place is worth a visit at least for the amazing Buddha figure.


The exact date of the construction of the Wat Traimit is not yet known but it is expected that this temple is been constructed during the 13th century.is thought to date from the 13th century. The Golden Buddha figure is around 900 years old. Also the made is made in the Sukhothai style. It is supposed that Ayuttaya had first brought the Buddha image.
To hide the value of the Buddha image it was been covered by the plaster, when there was a sack going on in the city by the Burmese. It was in the plaster for nearly 2 centuries. Since it was in plaster it was of very little worth.


In the year 1957 it was decided that the statue of Buddha was to be shifted to a new temple that was situated in Bangkok. Since the statue was very huge a crane was called for relocating the Buddha. The statue on its relocating way slipped from the clay into the mud. He workmen left the statue in the mud and then left.

A temple monk saw in the dream that the statue had divine powers. He went to the statue Golden buddha bangkokin the mud and saw a glitter of gold through the crack in the plaster. Later it was discovered that the Buddha statue was of pure gold.

The statue takes a seat on a plain structure just hardly big enough to grasp it inside the temple compound. On the terrace in the exterior of the room that houses the Golden Buddha, there are some very motivating machines that tell you your fortune. You need to drop a single coin in the opening and a series of lights representing numbers that flash roughly in a circle, the wheel of the fortune’s style which ultimately stops on one particular number. You can recover your destiny from the striking boxes that are placed below the machine. The fortune slips are printed in English as well as Chinese and Thai languages.

Getting There

Suvarnabhumi Airport BangkokThe Suvarnabhumi airport or New Bangkok airport is the nearest located airport. From there you can take a cab, tuk-tuk or even hire a car to reach Wat Traimit. The temple is situated near the Odeon traffic circle which marks the entrance for the Chinatown. The Hualamphong railway station is located at a very short distance from the Wat.

Admission Fee

You are required to pay 20 Baht if you are willing to see the Golden Buddha. This amount is to be paid at a booth which is situated near the wiharn. You have an option of ex changing your currency in the same booth.

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