Fascinating Hotel Stays in Meridian Club

Posted On April 27, 2012 

Come to the Caribbeans and experience the pleasures of being in a beautiful hotel and enjoy the travel delights here in this lovely paradise. With the best condominiums and hotels this is a land filled with the pleasures of a great hotel experience, and has the best of sunbathers, beach umbrellas and jet skis. With few people around and quite surroundings, this is a beautiful hotel filled with lovely stays.

Just an hour and a half from Miami, this hotel offers the best to the tourists coming to this part of the world. Pine Cay is a privately owned resort here in the Turks and Caicos Islands which lies just south of the Bahamas. This is a place where you have the pleasures of a great stay and where you would find the most romantic ambience. Enter the Sand Dollar Cottage and bask in the pleasures of a lovely island and enjoy the delicious cuisine here including the fresh seafood that is doled out in the restaurants.

Meridian Club

This is an alluring tropical region and has the best sights of a lovely retreat. So all those who come here for the sheer pleasures of a delightful land are filled with a heavenly experience and certainly they love to enjoy this paradise hotel. Experience the excitement of diving, snorkeling, fishing or just relaxing in the beach here and enjoy the feel of sun on you. The warm waters with their aquamarine colour and the white sandy beaches of the Pine Cay of the Meridian Club provide unforgettable memories.

Guests coming here love to stay in the club rooms which are set amongst the sand dunes, and the sea grapes. They love to step out of the porch and feel the ecstasy of water just outside their place of stay.

With each room looking unbelievably beautiful, the fascination of the stays here are greatly is something out of the world. Enjoy the spacious bedrooms here and the suites which provide greatly exciting stays here. With the lounging alcoves and the beautiful porches, the breeze and the gentle winds here make tours to this part of the world very enchanting.

Meridian Club room

With a tropical decor the rooms here are attractive and comfortable. The rooms have twin beds and many pillows and they also have a small library of books which provide us with reading pleasure.

Meridian Club twin beds

The layout of the suite is inclusive of a large bathroom with lavatory areas, a dressing area and a shower for facilitating bathing facilities. Also make use of the clothing for beach pleasures and bask in the presence of one of the most amazing hotels , Meridian Club.

Meridian Club bathroom Meridian Club bathroom

The screened in porch has tables, chairs, and sea views and make use of this place for breakfast and early morning coffee. There is an outdoor patio here which has an outdoor shower which has enclosed bamboo walls.

Experience the delights of the Sand Dollar Guest Cottage which is a six sided Tiki Hut and is privately protected by the tall Casuarina pines which is a perfect place for all honeymooners and others who are in search of a romantic escapade.

Pine cay in the Meridian Club is one of the only destinations in the Caribbean where you surely would have a lot to do. So just enjoy parasailing here and Jet Ski to glory in your travels here. Then there are many sporting activities that you can pursue here.


Enjoy sailing here in the Small Hobie Wave sailboats which are available here. Then there is deep sea fishing here which is a world class fishing area for marlin, sailfish, wahoo, dolphin, tuna and barracuda. There are half and full day trips available here. Then there is bone fishing that you can do, and this is a great water activity that is pursued in Pine Cay. This is a fabulous place for the shallow water game fish. Enjoy wading here and also bottom fishing for those fishing enthusiasts. Bottom fishing is another activity here which is a great way of spending the holidays here. Bottom fishing is great for all those grouper and snapper ensure that the dwellers here can have a good fish dinner here at the Meridian Club. Then kayaking is another water activity here and it is a real magical experience. Visit the secluded area the Aquarium and enjoy the delights of Pine Cay, which is a favourite destination for many.

With many more things to do, the Meridian Club is certainly a great way to experience travels in the Caribbean.

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