Kbhw-Ntrw-The Pyramid Of Djoser

Posted On December 3, 2009 

Pyramid of DjoserThe Pyramid of Djoser (Zoser) is commonly known as the step pyramid. In the local area the pyramid is also known as kbhw-ntrw. This pyramid is an archeological remnants and it is situated in the Saqqara necropolis. The location of the pyramid in Egypt is to the northwestern direction of the city of Memphis. It was been constructed in 27th century BC for the interment of Pharaoh Djoser by his vizier Imhotep. The vital characteristic of a enormous mortuary compound in an huge court bordered by traditional arrangements and beautifications.

The pyramid of Djoser is the first Egyptian pyramid. It is made up of six mastabas. They are of decreasing sizes. The mastabas are constructed on the top of one another in what were evidently amendments and expansions of the actual plan. The actual height of the pyramid is 62 meters tall also the base of the pyramid is 109 x 125 m. The pyramid was dressed in refined white limestone. The step pyramid which is also known as the proto-pyramid is well thought-out to be the most basic major stone structure, even though the nearby enclosed space known as Gisr el-mudir would seem to predate the construction.

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Among Egyptian Old Kingdom Djoser was the first king of the 3rd Dynasty. It is stated that he had ruled the region for nearly 19 years or, if the 19 years were biennial excise years, which comes to around 38 years. He has ruled for a long time at least enough to allow the ostentatious plan for his pyramid to be appreciated in his life.

The Jean-Phillipe Lauer was the major excavator of the Step Pyramid. He was a French architect. He was responsible for the reconstruction of some of the important portions of the pyramid. Many attributes of the buildings are different from those which were the Old Kingdom pyramids. Also the size of the Pyramid of Djorse was 2.5 times the size any ordinary Old Kingdom pyramids. The temple of the pyramid is located to the northern side of the pyramid whereas in the pyramids which were constructed later they had the temple located on the eastern side. The Pyramid of Djorse is constructed on the Northern-Southern axis whereas later complexes utilize an East-West axis. In addition, the Djoser building’s walls are one inched enclosure wall, whereas all the pyramids which were later constructed had two enclosed space walls with the outside wall being smooth and the inside wall was many times niched.

Djoser is famous for his pioneering tomb, which control the Saqqara landscape. His Horus name which is Netjerykhet is used to refer him in this tomb. In fact, Djoser got his name from the New Kingdom visitors who came there later around thousands years. Djoser’s Step Pyramid building has many arrangements essential to its purposes in both life as well as the afterlife. In ancient Egypt the pyramid was not considered just as a simple grave. Its reason was to make easy a victorious life after death for the king so that he could be everlastingly reborn.

How to reach

Memphis International Airport is the nearest located airport. It is very well connected to almost all the cities of Egypt thus are very easy to reach to reach Memphis. From Memphis you can hail a car or hire a cab and make your way to the Pyramid of Djoser.

When to visit

If you are planning to visit the Pyramids of Djoser try going there during the months of October till May. During this period the atmosphere is pleasing. Avoid going there in from June to August as during this period the climate is very much hot and humid.


You can have a stay at Memphis as the accommodation services in the city are quite good. The people who work in the hostility industry in Memphis do speak English. A variety of food is available. The accommodation as well as food charges are quite reasonable.

Opening Timings

The Pyramid of Djoser is opened for the public throughout the year. You can visit the pyramid from eight in the morning till four in the evening. Avoid going on Sunday’s or the public holidays as the place becomes very much crowded.

Entrance Fees

£e20 is the entrance fee prescribed for every individual visiting the pyramid. If you are willing to use the camera you are supposed to pay additional £e5 and £e25 if you want to use your video recorder.

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