BMW Museum: Dedicated to BMW automobiles

Posted On December 29, 2010 

To explore the BMW Museum means to observe the modern side of Munich.  Bayerische Motoren Werke or BMW, the worldwide popular car company was born in this city of Bavaria in the early 20th century where it resides even today. The main offices nestle in a huge edifice with towers replicating the engine cylinders. And it is just close to this BMW tower that the equally stunning BMW Museum stands in the Olympia Park. Dedicated to the history of BMW, the museum’s architectural design itself is distinct boasting a shape of a mushroom as well as an impressive spiral ramp acting as a route to send the visitors from floors to the top. The huge, silver bowl supports the museum wherein the BMW history is explored via a descending meandering staircase.


The silver structure of the BMW museum is commonly called the salad bowl or white cauldron. You get an entry on the ground floor where there is a reception and a cloakroom that is at the basement. After the entry, you ascend via the spiral route for visiting the displays. Interestingly, there are four islands within, which shows small exhibits along with the videos. At the end, you reach the top floor featuring a small cinema, individual exhibits, and interactive exhibits for understanding the technology. Lastly, you come down via an escalator, not through the spiral stairs. The interiors will surely make you recall the meandering spires of the Guggenheim museum in New York.


Each space in the museum is filled with the model cars along with video shows in various languages so that the visitors know about the philosophies as well as the technical feats of the automobile company. Since 1973, the BMW Museum is the home of the historical documents of BMW AG and today aims at enthralling the visitors with the interesting subjects like communication, mobility, and society.

The exhibition zone is split into many zones – Seven exhibition houses, BMW roadster, Art Car collection, Visions, and temporary exhibitions. Over 90 years of BMW heritage are incorporated in seven thematic zones – House of Design, House of Company, House of Motorcycle, House of Technology, House of Motor Sport, House of Brand, and House of Series. BMW Roadster offers selected exhibits in the low building. This is where you will marvel at the two-seater sports car that is a lightweight face of a dedicated lifestyle. Spot for BMW 315/1, 328, 507, Z1, Z3, and Z8. The BMW Art Car Collection is quite unusual boasting 16 masterpieces. Visions at the bowl’s base reveals the upcoming technical plans of the BMW.

The BMW museum takes you through the company’s technical development via a quick look at the turbines, engines, motorcycles, aircraft, and vehicles in several variations. Besides the real prototypes, you can enjoy looking at the futuristic-looking models too. And above all, the great serene atmosphere maintained by the smart use of headphones as well as indirect lighting is very enchanting. Due to this, you can easily focus on the technical development.


The BMW Museum supports a shop for buying the souvenirs as well as a café to satisfy your appetite. In its M1 Café, just relax in the welcoming vibes and enjoy the food as well as drinks, which are really tempting. Your tiredness of a long tour will surely vanish here. This café is in the low building accessible via the lobby, but it will be closed until 31 January 2011 and meanwhile you can enjoy the café at BMW Welt.

The shop sells your dream BMW vehicle in form of a model, print, and photograph. Among the other souvenirs, see if you can take museum memento.


Tuesday to Sunday – 10.00 am – 6.00 pm; last entry would be half an hour before closure

Entry fees

€12.00 for the exhibition; € 5.00 for only temporary one

€9 and €4 respectively per person in a group of 5 or more


Until 30 June 2011, temporary exhibition known as the ‘BMW Art Cars’ will be on display.

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