Kelvingrove Museum

Posted On February 1, 2011 

The renovated Kelvingrove Museum, the Glasgow landmark since long, is the best place to explore a vibrant culture that has best evolved at the western coast of Scotland. But it not only the house of that culture’s gems, but it is also an international accommodation for some of the most vital global collections now displayed in its 22 state-of-the-art galleries. However, the focus is heavily on the natural history of the nation, which makes you come across the variety of displays that feature relics dating back to the country’s historic and prehistoric times. The national as well as international collections feature majestic paintings and figurines, silver and ceramics, weapons and firearms, European armor, furniture, and clothing.

If you are with your family in Glasgow, the Kelvingrove museum is a must as a day trip, as there are plenty of interactive displays whose purpose is to soak young brains. No matter when you come here, the museum always have temporary exhibitions, activities, and different events on offer to the people of all ages.

Although reopened in 2006 as it was closed for renovation since 2001, the 100th year that saw its millionth visitor, the museum is still the address of ‘Sir Roger’ that is among the beloved displays. It refers to an Asian elephant that arrived in the country via a touring circus and was preserved as a part of the collection of the natural history, which resides in a genuine Victorian style under a hanging Spitfire aircraft from the top to recall the contribution of the brave aircraft at the time of war. Considering its new displays, the most loved one is the Dali painting of ‘Christ of St John on the Cross’, which is one of the treasures of the art collection in the Kelvingrove museum.

Regarded as the home of one of the superb European civic collections, the museum gives you a unique opportunity to spot the collections ranging from fine and ornamental arts to natural world and to archaeology. Despite its renovation and modern look, you can still spot some of the most vital works in the fine art collection that involves several incredible European artworks. In the natural history zone, the number of items, not collection, itself is very high. Check out for those fossils that are today 300 million years old, which were of the local marine life. Coming to the arms as well as armor collection, it is one of the finest one on the planet. Among its several wartime gems, look for the earliest, but not totally complete field armor called the popular ‘Avant’ of the 15th century made in Milan and the impressive armor for man as well as horse, created in the 16th century for William Herbert who was the first Earl of Pembroke.

The regular exhibits in the museum are based on special themes and shows offered by other galleries, which are aimed at the entertainment as well as education of the locals. So, it is the home of entertaining events of which the Organ recitals are the top pull. However, you can be a part of a private tour to attend an interactive class on Saturday afternoons, which are related to painting and sculpture.

Today, nobody doubts that the Kelvingrove museum is the most vital art museum attracting one million tourists annually. This is why it is also the second most famous tourist attraction in Scotland as well as the most visited museum outside London in UK. The unique structure housing the variety of collections is nestled in the cool Kelvingrove Park that adorns the West End of the Scotland capital. This 110-year-old building still remains the greatest accomplishment of the Victorian Municipal Museum Movement in United Kingdom.


Free parking, free guided tours, café, toilets, gallery shops, lift to main gallery zones for the disabled, and wheelchair access.

Reaching the museum

The Partick station is just 15 minutes away if you are coming by train, while the nearest subway station is at 5 minutes called the Kelvin Hall. You can also come by a bus (9, 16, 18, 42, 62, and 64)



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