Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Malaysia

Posted On May 24, 2010 

The Lok Kawi Wildlife Park was authoritatively open to the general public on the Feb 17th, 2007. This park is located by the side of the old road of Penampang-Papar and is completely developed by the Sabah Wildlife Department. It is located in Sabah, Malaysia.

This park includes two major components: the zoological component and the botanical component. In addition, the most important objective of this park is to develop it into a family-oriented park and the main highlight of the park is the Children’s Zoo.

Lok Kawi wildlife park Sabah
Amongst the inhabitants of this zoo (the zoological component) are the elephants, Borneo Pygmy, Sumatran rhinoceros, Proboscis monkey, Orang Utan, Malayan tiger, and also a few different species of the deer.

Malayan tiger Proboscis monkey

The botanical component, of this park offers its visitors the chance of going out for jungle trekking by the side of the botanical trail. The major attraction of tourists here is the paved trail. The total length of this trail is 1.4 kms. However, for enjoying leisurely strolls, tourists are many times advised for walking halfway by the side of the trail.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park – Opening hours:-

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park is kept open for the general public, on a daily basis from morning 9.30 a.m. up to 5.30 p.m. in the evening.

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park – Entrance fees:-

Entrance fees for Lok Kawi Wildlife Park charged are as given below:

Malaysian Adults are charged RM10 and Non- Malaysian Adults are charged RM20

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park – Getting there and around

The expedition to Lok Kawi Wildlife Park requires any thing between 30 mins to 1 hour in a 4-wheeled vehicle drive from the main areas of Kota Kinabalu, the total distance between the park and the city is around 20 kms. For transport, tourists can take a taxi-cab or else rent a car and drive all by themselves from the centre of the city.

Normally, the cab-taxi fare for each way is any thing between RM25 to RM30. Do remember to arrange the fare with the taxi-cab driver about the return journey or else of the drop off on a single.

Lok kawi wildlife park

Outside the main entrance of this park, you will come across a few souvenir shops offering a wide range of the local- products. Amongst them, you can buy merchandise for instance fine prints of the local wildlife, postcards, handicrafts and key chains, which will later be with you as the mementos of your trip. Whilst at this park, tourists are extremely warned and are encouraged to avoid feeding or else provoking the park’s animals. Tourists are advised to carry back home with them nothing but the wonderful pictures.

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  1. vareeja says:

    Animals at the park are divided into three major habitat zones. The orang- utans, bats, snakes and eagles are put under the forest canopy zone while large animals such as sun bears and elephants are put under the forest floor zone. Gibbons, turtles, crocodiles, proboscis monkeys and snakes are all located at the water and water edge zone.Other animals include tigers, mouse deer, barking deer, ostriches, various species of birds and a Sumatran rhinoceros. One of the first animals to greet visitors at the park is the exotic clouded leopard. Elusive by nature, the leopard looks so adorable that even in its sleep,it manages to pull a strong crowd.

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