Visit In Flanders Fields Museum And Experience World War I

Posted On December 2, 2009 


The In Flanders’ Fields Museum is committed to the study of World War I and it resides on the upper floor of the Cloth Hall of the Ypres located in Belgium. The building was almost shattered by weaponry flames which took place during the Battles of Ypres and has been constructed again. The guardian, Piet Chielens, is a famous historian to has studied a lot about the World War I.

The numerous visitors who are excited to visit the museum will surely find no adoration of war.  But to a certain extent Flanders Fields Museumthe museum puts forward the ineffectiveness of the war, particularly as seen in Flanders in World War I


The In Flanders’ Fields Museum is located on the higher floor of the Cloth Hall which is known as the Lakenhalle and is placed on the market square which is named Grote Markt. It is placed in the middle of the momentous city of Ieper, previously recognized as Ypres.

The In Flanders Museum has a documentation center in it. This documentation center plays a vital role in the documentation of the legacy of the World War I that took place in the West-Flanders. The documentation center is also responsible for the preservation of these documents. The aim behind the establishment of this center is to provide reference as well as information regarding the World War. Indirectly, it acts as an library. It provides all the required information required for the various researches.

The documentation centers have till date preserved a large number of documents including trench maps, diaries, photos, regimental histories, letters, personal files, business files also specialized studies related to all the different countries that were a part of the I World War.

You can always seek an advice from the various documented collections and the library of the various other municipal museums. You can also go through the huge collection of the aged school books, investigation as well as the inspection report, wall charts, various studies did regarding the history of the education. Here you will also find all sort of information regarding the art works which are owned by the various artists of Ypresand Ypres.

Entrancecloth hall

The entrance of the museum is located in the courtyard which is located to the west of the Cloth Hall. You can reach the museum by making your way through the Donkerpoort passageway which is located under the bell tower archway in the middle of the façade which is located to the south of the Cloth Hall.

How to reach

he reach in Flanders you can take a direct flight from Toronto to Brussels which takes about seven hours but the frequency of the direct flight is quite rare. To fly down you can find a number of options available such as you can fly to Paris or Amsterdam later on to either the Flanders or Vimy region. Both the airports have railway stations in the vicinity also they have well-established railway connections. You will find that the European railway services are quite fast as well as frequent also they are fairly easy to understand.

Traveling through the highway in Belgium is very easy as well as quite fast. You can travel any where in the country from the Brussels hardly with in 2 or 3 hours. Various day trips are easily available also you can get a good accommodation if you are planning to have an over night stay.

It is always an easy option to rent a car if you are planning to visit the grave sites of the battlefields. If you are traveling in the interior of the city try traveling through rail. Rail passes are well merited as to take into consideration. The TGV trains that run around the city are very fast but also quite costly.

The opening timings of the museum are as follows

From April – September: Mon – Sun 10.00 – 18.00

From October – March: Tue – Sun 10.00 – 17.00

The entrance charges keep on changing so confirm it before getting into the museum.

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