Khaptad National Park – newest national park in Nepal

Posted On May 27, 2010 

Khaptad National Park is the newest national park in Nepal. This park was established in the year 1984 and has received its designation in the year 1985. The total area covered by this park is 225 sq. km and includes the region of forests and grasslands. The park is located on a huge plateau where the four districts of Bajura, Bhajhang, Achham, and Doti come together. The forest has a blend of tall fir, rhododendron, yew, oak and also the dense stands of thick bamboo and several shrubs. The area of Khaptad National Park is one of  the last few remaining areas of such kinds within the lower regions of Himalayas. The plant life here provides a natural habitat for the healthy population of wildlife, which includes musk deer, barking deer, and bears. The Bheeg flower is found across the national park and resembles a white rose.

The wild life in Khaptad National Park includes Leopard, Himalayan black Bear, Himalayan yellow-throated Marten, Jackal, Goral, Musk Deer, Himalayan Tahr, common Langur, Wolf, Impeyan Pheasant, Chukor Partridge, Monal, Kalij khaptad national park nepalPheasant, red and Nutcracker, yellow-billed blue Magpie, Flycatchers, Himalayan Griffin, Thrushes, Cuckoos, Tits, Forktails, Eagles and Wagtails.

Khaptad National Park – Accommodation:

You will come across any lodges or hotels within this park. It is advised that the Trekkers should be self-sufficient in food, tents, fuel and all essential supplies. Also make sure that you carry the first-aid medical kit with you since no medicinal facilities are available at the park.

Khaptad National Park – Getting There:

An excellent way toreach the park area is to take a direct flight to Nepalgunj. From the airport you can get into the local buses that make their way to Silgadhi, or Doti. If you get down at Silgadhi you need to hike for few hours to reach at the entrance of the park and more 7-8 hrs to arrive at the Park Headquarters. Tourists can also fly down to Dipayal and then are required to walk for three days. The other option is flying down to Achham or Bajhang and then tourist are required to walk for two days. Tourists can also consider flying down to Bajura and then are required to walk for four days. However, Achham and Dipayal airports are infrequently open.

Khaptad National Park – Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Khaptad National Park is anytime between 01 March and 30 June.

Khaptad National Park – Nearest Town:

Doti is the nearest town to Khaptad National Park.

Khaptad National Park – Nearest Airport:

Dipayal is the nearest airport to Khaptad National Park

khaptad national park khaptad national park khaptad national park

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  1. vareeja says:

    Legend has it that ‘Khaptad Swami’ lived here died in 1996 at the grand old reported age of 110.

    In any event, he never divulged either his name or anything of his own life to anyone-including to King Birendra who went to consult him several occasions. He was undoubtedly a good, learned and widely read man who also had a good command of English. He lived in a cave on the eastern side of the park to where pilgrims traveled from far and wide to see him and receive his counsel and blessings. It is said that Khaptad Swami was instrumental in persuading the King to give National Park status to Khaptad

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