Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

Posted On May 23, 2012 

When you visit the state of Kerala in India, it is filled with an air of devotion, past legends and interesting tales. Mannarasala in Kerala is one such place that it replete with a lot of powers and related devotion. This ancient centre of pilgrimage is a place that is mainly visited by the devotees of the Lord Nagaraj who is the God of serpents. The temple is ensconced in the surroundings of a dense forest. More than 30,000 images of snakes lie along the path and amidst the trees and it is a matter of honour that this temple has the dubious achievement of being the largest such temple in the state of Kerala. Women come here in plenty as it is believed that Mannarasala is the destination for all those who are childless. The Lord here has unbelievable powers and blesses all the childless couples to beget a child. So people wholly believe this Lord and come and offer gratitude in the event of their getting a child. This temple has a special turmeric paste which is supposed to be very curative and has healing properties.

Situated in the district of Alappuzha in the state of Kerala, Mannarasala is a place that gives one the best reasons to get religious and the power here is unbeatably fascinating.

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

Legend has it that Lord Parashurama wanted to relieve himself of the sin of killing some Kshatiriyas and so came to the Holy sages of the past. They said that he had to donate a land that he owned. With the blessings of Lord Varuna he got a land and gave it to the sages as a gift. He threw the axe with which he killed into the sea. This land came to be known as Kerala. But the soil was not good so everyone had to leave this place. Parashurama was very pained and penanced and pleased Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva appeared before him and said that the soil could be made pure if the poison of serpents is put on it. So Parashurama decided to please Lord Nagaraj for this who eventually got pleased and gave the boon of filling the present day Kerala with serpents and their poison. Kerala soil became fertile and Parashurama installed a temple for Nagaraja who is believed to be Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva in one figure. The temple was surrounded by Mandar trees and came to be known as Mannarasaala. The presiding deity here in the temple is Vishnuswaroopa and Vasuki which is Lord Shiva in spirit. Then the Naga deities were installed and the temple today is visited by countless pilgrims.

Vasudeva and Sridevi were a childless couple and relentlessly prayed to Lord Nagaraja who eventually got pleased and told that he would stay in the form of a serpent here till eternity.  All the serpents got shelter in present day Mannarsaala and after the miracle of the couple begetting a child, Mannarsaala is frequented by childless couples who believe God will bestow them with a child once they come here and have a glimpse of their favourite Lord Nagaraja. Lord Nagaraja once he realized that his duties were done retired to a cellar and laid down certain rules and regulations to be followed in the temple. In fact, it is believed that the Lord is still in the cellar and he is very respectfully referred to as “Muthassan” or “Appopan” even today by all the locals.

Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja Temple

This temple has the Mannarasala Ayilyam festival which is very popular here. With the nearest railway station as Haripad and the nearest airport as Cochin, Mannarasala becomes an important temple destination in this part of the world.

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