Minnesota Science Museum: For the youngsters

Posted On March 3, 2011 

With a 100% focus on some of the most complex subjects of education such as physical science mathematics, technology, and natural history; the Minnesota Science Museum just rightly caters to the needs of the students. But, that does not mean that others cannot come. Any ways, the museum is meant for all ages! It is located on the bank of the Mississippi River in the downtown St. Paul.

The large Minnesota Science Museum is an interestingly designed house of scientific collections that not only draw the locals, but also the tourist from all across the globe making the annual count reach to a soaring million! This over 100-year-old museum has made all possible efforts to expand its collection due to which today its patrons enjoy viewing some of the most notable items that is even liked by a 2-year old. When you just reach here, you will know as to why this museum is purposely built on the famous river bank that acts as a wonderful location. Probingly, you then enter directly on the top floor, not on the ground floor! Now, this is really very interesting and even more interesting is the fact that this top floor is at the street level.

From there, you then roam towards a plethora of temporary galleries and 5 permanent halls scattered on all the three floors. In the galleries, you explore the world of natural history, anthropology, and paleontology; whereas the interactive halls feature the displays linked to mathematics, electricity, light, and weather aspects. So, whether you love or hate science, this is the place to explore Earth science with fun.

Just in the center is a big atrium that holds the carcass of the real dinosaurs along with the scientific artworks. From here, you can also enjoy the river views. In addition to the halls and galleries, there are also 3D shows scheduled in the Omnitheater as well as in the 3D science theater.

Talking about the permanent exhibitions, the collection in the first gallery is dedicated to the Mississippi where you come to know about the diorama of the aquatic flora and fauna, real marker at the river’s source Lake Itasca, and a real tugboat. Those who are under 12, they will love to be in the dinosaur gallery housing the giant ones named Triceratops, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus besides the diverse fossils. Light and electricity are best showcased in the dedicated section featuring a lot of interesting exhibits such as the tools demonstrating the electromagnetic power.

At the Weather gallery, create clouds, sand dunes, surfs, and tornados; while at the Collections gallery facilitates the glimpses of the Midwest animals, Como Zoo’s gorilla, and the items belonging to anthropology like strange medical tools as well as the Hmong residence. One more famous zone is the Human Body Gallery that is the home to know about the physical functions, DNA, cells, blood flow, and ailments through the interactivities. And before you leave, explore the Big Back Yard offering water picnic tables, seasonal zone, maze, and a scientific golf course.

In the outdoors, there is much to do and see – events like the demonstration of river motion, landscape births, and biodiversity; popular solar-powered building, maze; prairie gardens; and fun-filled camera obscura.

The Minnesota Science Museum is really for children, which means you need to come here with your family. A majority of the exhibits are for the above six children and teenagers leaving only the theaters for all people.

  • The Mississippi River Visitor Center in the lobby offering a great river and National Park tours.
  • The Collections Vault with several artifacts such as animal remains, fossils, cultural items of lost settlements, and flora and fauna (currently closed).
  • The Education zone for camps, youth and family classes, and programs of art, technology, science, and nature.
  • The Elements Cafe on the top floor serving good vistas as well as food.
  • Chomp featuring local delicacies and entry without the ticket.
  • Cinema casting digitally-projected 3D films with polarized glasses.
  • Lee and Rose Warner Nature Center with education on grasslands, forests, and lakes.
Admission fees
  • $11 per adult
  • $8.5 per child
  • $6 extra for the Omnitheater

Look out from the scenic windows to enjoy the fast flow of the river and take some photos in the backdrops.

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