Manly Australia Adventure

Posted On November 29, 2010 

Manly Australia happens to be a suburb in the northern part of Sydney. This is in the state of New south wales in Australia. This place is located about seventeen kilometers to the north east of the central business district of Sydney.This is where the administrative center of the local government is of the Manly council.

Manly Australia is known for its many beaches which make for awesome tourist destinations. There is a long stretch of sand on the ocean side that runs from the Queens-cliff beach and goes all the way to the Steyne beach and then onward to the famous Manly beach.  There are many rock pools here and these have sandy beaches which are called fairy bower and Shelly beach.  There are a lot of beaches on the harbor side of the massive peninsula as well.  The symbol of many in the local region is the Norfolk Island pine tree and this happens to be quite a prominent feature of the ocean as well as the harbor beaches.

The Sydney harbor on the western side has calm water, a ferry wharf,  a huge swimming area, an ocean world manly aquarium, sailing and yacht clubs.  If you are about three hundred meters to the east of the Pacific ocean and the manly beach, you could explore the whole area with the twenty kilometers of cycle tracks.

There is an awesome international jazz festival that is held at manly.  This happens to be the largest community based jazz festival in all of Australia.  The festival is held in October and there is a long weekend public holiday which follows it.  there are a lot of free public performances  that go on from midday till early in the evening.  Out of the blue, which is a soap opera on the BBC is setup and shot out of Manly.

Manly Australia was named after Captain Arthur Phillip who was here for the many indigenous people who live here. they have  a certain confidence about then which gave them the name of the Manly cove.  These men happened to be of the Kay ye My clan. When these people were actually looking around the area for fresh water, there were many members of the clan, and the captain was speared in the shoulder by one of the clan members because of a misunderstanding.

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