Palenque – The Maya City

Posted On December 2, 2009 


Palenque is Maya city region it is located in the southern Mexico region. This region prospered during the seventh century. When the region took a rain check it got converted into the jungle. Later the area was been restored after excavation. This region is now well-known as the archaeological site that attracts a number of visitors every year. Palenque is situated near the River Usumacinta which is located in the Mexican state of Chiapas. Also it is placed at around 130 km to the south of Ciudad del Carmen which is situated at about 150 meters height above sea-level. The size of the site is medium it is very much small when compared with huge archaeological sites such as Copan or Tikal. Even if the size of the city is small it has a huge collection of one the optimum sculpture, architecture, roof comb as well as the bas-relief carvings that were produced by the Maya.

palenque mayan city


The city of Palenque was been constructed again when the history of the city was been studied. A lot of information had been acquired by reading the hieroglyphic inscription which was present on a huge number of monuments. The historians these days have an extended series of the various dynasties that ruled Palenque during the seventh century. Also they have found out broad information regarding the city’s major rivalry with various other regions such as Toniná as well as Calakmul. Pacal the Great was the most well-known ruler of Palenque. The tomb of Pacal has been brought into being and thus then excavated inside the temple of the dedications.

The region of Palenque was been deserted by the Maya local for many years. The Spanish explorers reached Chiapas in the early sixteenth century. Priest Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada was the first European to stopover at the remains. He also published an overview of his experience there. He had visited Palenque in the year 1567. During the late fifteenth century the region was known as “Land with strong houses” whichb was named by the locals of Maya. Later after his visit de la Nada translated the local name of the city into Spanish and thus the site got its name “Palenque”. Palenque in general English means fortification. Today the name of the town has become Santo Domingo del Palenque.


The well-known construction which is popular today almost certainly symbolizes a transformation attempt in retort to the assaults which were made by the Calakmul city and also by its client states during 599 up till 611.

Ajaw, K’inich Janaab’ Pakal commonly known as Pacal the Great is one of the major people who were accountable for reconstruction of Palenque and also for the rebirth of the city’s architecture as well as the art. Ajaw, K’inich Janaab’ Pakal is also one of the most successful ruler of Maya he had ruled the region for almost 68 years starting from 615 to 683. He is well-known for his funerary memorial, which was inspired by the Temple of Inscriptions.

When to visit

The most favorable time to visit Palenque is from October to May during this time the atmosphere is quite pleasent. The other popular time to visit the city is July and August.

How to reach

There are no commercial flights to reach Palenque. You can thus take a direct flight to Villahermosa and later hail a taxi or cab or even rent a car to reach Palenque. The approximate cost of a cab or car would be around 90$.


You can easily find a comfortable accommodation in as well as around the city. The tourist’s guides will help you to have a look across the city as well as getting you a good food and also the accommodations.

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