Pompeii-The Lost City

Posted On November 26, 2009 

Pompeii is a Roman town near the modern city of Naples which is ruined as well as buried. Pompeii is located in the Italian region of Campania. Herculaneum is Pompeii’s sister city. The volcanic eruption went on for nearly 2 days in 79 A.D which ultimately buried and destroyed the city. The high roof lines also collapsed due to the volcano and as a result the Pompeii city was buried deep under 60 feet of pumice and ash. The city was lost for almost 1700 years. The Pompeii city was again rediscovered in 1748 due to an accident.  Extraordinary information of the life of the city was also found. Pompeii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Italy. UNESCO declared Pompeii as the World Heritage Site in 2007. In the same year nearly 2,571,725 people visited Pompeii in the same year.

Pompeii ruins

A very little is known about the first settlers of Pompeii. Few of the first few people who settled in Pompeii were supposed to be the pre-historic Fishers, hunters as well as gatherers. By the eight century BC, Oscans a group of Italian people are expected to have established the place. Till the date the exact date of the origin of the city is still unknown. During the 8th century Ionians also settled in Pompeii.

The Greeks started having settlements in the region. There was an increase in the smaller trading posts. Later it succeeded in becoming the successful merchant city which later dominated the surrounding area.  Pompeii city had the honor for being the center of Greek occupation.

Eventually Rome took over Pompeii. Pompeii was allowed to follow their culture, speak their language but was supposed to accept themselves as the citizens of Rome without enjoying the citizenship of Rome. Reluctantly Pompeii accepted this situation for many years. The Social war in Pompeii started in 90 BC. The locals of Pompeii joined the forces of the Roman’s allies in order to get the freedom. Eventually the allies were defeated in the war but as the result to lower the unrest among the locals they were provided with the Roman citizenship.

Pompeii Italy

For the last 250 years Pompeii has been on of the most popular tourist destination. It is a part of a bigger Vesuvius National Park. To reduce the tourists pollution of Pompeii the governing body of Pompeii are issuing tickets to places such as Herculaneum, Villa Poppaea as well as Stabiae and encourage the tourist to visits such other sites that may give them the same feel and even the stress on Pompeii would be reduced. Tourism has played the role of a good driving force for the development of economy of Pompeii as well as neighboring towns. Many locals are recruited as the taxi as well as bus drivers; some are working in tourism and hospitality industry and earning their livelihood.

The objects which got buried under the soil of Pompeii are actually well-preserved for nearly 2000 years. Since there was no air and moisture there under the ground the objects didn’t got deteriorated. Thus it can be understood that when found the city provided many evidences of the past lives. Unfortunately after the city was found it has undergone deterioration because of both natural and man-made forces.

They easiest way to reach Pompeii is to take a train from Naples. You will require at least one whole day to explore the Pompeii site — more time if you wish to explore it completely. The temperature can be extremely hot during the summer season. Do carry a sunshade or umbrella with you also remember to carry bottled water. There is a café in the site.

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