A Savoir For Renaissance Era: Galleria Degli Uffizi

Posted On December 2, 2009 

When you are explored to the western world the art and literature are the matter that just cannot be brushed aside. The art and literature of western world and especially that is portrayed in Dark ages and the Renaissance era is just breath taking.

But it is very difficult to experience all these art works under one roof but this muzzle is solved by Florence city. Florence city that is situated on the river Arno, in Italy is flourished with the treasury of art work during Renaissance era and middle Ages. It is not only considered as the birth place of Italian Renaissance but also recognized as Athens of middle ages.

Galleria Degli UffiziDuring the time of medieval period it was the heart of European trade and was one of the fattest and most flushed cities which were ruled by Medici for longer period. The Florence city is famous for many historic and artistic heritages in the world. It is also tagged by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1982. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world which attracts millions of tourist every year.

The tourist are attracted to many historic heritages in Florence which enclose abundant stylish piazzas, Renaissance palazzo, Honorary Societies , Parks, Churches, Cloisters Museums, Art galleries. The town brags an extensive variety of art work, particularly those which are housed in the Pitti Palace and the Uffizi.

It is recorded that Uffizi welcomes about 1.6 million tourists a year.

The Uffizi Gallery, Galleria degli Uffizi for hoi polloi is one of the oldest and most renowned art museums housed in the Palazzo degli Uffizi, a palazzo in Florence. The Italian word Uffizi means office. It is the commission which Count Cosimo De Medici I awarded his court painter Giorgio Vasari who was a multitalented Italian Renaissance painter and architect. He was the one who designed the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and decorated the adjacent Palazzo Vecchio with frescos.

The architect decided to use a technique which was revolutionary in its time. He used the cement strengthened with iron which made it possible to execute unusually large windows. The upper part of the gallery was designed for the family art collection. The architecture was constructed in 1560 and 1580. It comprises of two linked wings which are adorned with arcades.

The Uffizi consist of 45 exhibition rooms excluding Vasari corridor, which was a kind of secret passage for Medicis. It leads over the old bridge, the Ponte Vecchio, which is across the Arno River to the Pitti Palace. The corridoio now serves as an art gallery for a collection of self portraits by Vasari to Delacroix.

There are round about 4,000 art works in Uffizi gallery, the Dutch and German artist have also contributed to the collection but majority of art work is by Italian artists. It also includes works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo. The work of Italian Mannerists and Italian Baroque are the best examples of Italian work that is displayed in gallery.

The main attractions is a painting by artist Sandro Botticelli are hung up, out of which the two most magnificent master piece is are ‘Spring’ and ‘ Birth of Venus’. And the rather paintings which are the high rated tourist attraction are:

  • Maestà- Duccio
  • The Ognissanti Madonna and Badia Polyptych – Giotto.
  • The Annunciation- Simone Martini
  • The Battle of San Romano- Paolo Uccello.
  • The Diptych of Duke Federico Da Montefeltro and Duchess Battista Sforza of Urbino- Piero Della Francesca.
  • The painting of Madonna with Child and Two Angels- Fra Filippo LippiMadonna with Child and Two Angels
  • The Baptism of Christ- Andrea Del Verrocchio.
  • The Portinari Triptych – Hugo Van Der Goes
  • The Annunciation and the Adoration of the Magi- Leonardo Da Vince.
  • Perseus liberating Andromeda- Piero Di Cosimo
  • The Adoration of the Magi- Albrecht Dürer
  • The Doni Tondo- Michelangelo.
  • Madonna of the Goldfinch, Pope Leo X with Cardinals Giulio de’ Medici and Luigi de’ Rossi- Raphael
  • Flora, Venus of Urbino- Titian.
  • The Madonna of the Long Neck- Parmigianino
  • Bacchus, The Sacrifice of Isaac, Medusa- Caravaggio
  • Judith and Holofernes- Artemisia Gentileschi

To experience Uffizi gallery you can reach there by train from Santa Maria Novella. Uffizi usually remains close on Mondays but the regular time for Tuesday to Sunday is 8:15 a.m to 18:50 p.m.

With the great expansion of internet you can even buy online tickets. And as of there are many concessions available for different categories.

Like the full price for locals is €9.45 but you can enjoy the privilege for free tickets if you fall in the following criteria:

  • The individuals who are European Union citizens under 18 and over 65.
  • The Groups of Italian and European schools followed by their teachers but should also have official authorization from the school and with an advance booking.
  • The Tourist guides but, an official document is mandatory.
  • The Tourist translators accompanying a group with an official document
  • Members of ICOM
  • Students or scholars of all nationalities, engaged on specific research, may apply for special permits for a limited period.

It is one of the great experience while you visit a legendary house.

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