Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

Posted On March 10, 2011 

Nestled within the Memorial Hall on the Fairmount Park, the Please Touch Museum is really worth a touch as many times as possible, especially for the kids. It is now among the top 10 museums for children. It is not only the stunning home of striking exhibits, but is also the venue of some worth watching programs. Surprisingly, the museum is made in such a way that your child will be your guide as you take a tour of this exciting environment.

There are over six exhibit areas in the Please Touch Museum that aims at motivating education via interactivity as well as play. With this, you can really personalize your trip here by exploring the unique displays in your own way. At the Access/Ability exhibit, you and your child are left with full freedom to find the abilities in the disabilities. Yes, this is to be awakened to the fact that even the disabled can do a lot. So, take a wheelchair tour, multi-sensory City Walk, talk using the sign language called Braille, ride a hand-pedaled bike, test your memory skills, create art by using sound and sights, and know the different ways of making things. This was my most loved section as it will really open your narrow thinking to the broad one.

City Capers will make you child expose an urban life via the fun-filled sights as well as activities. In this stimulates neighborhood, explore the environment of buildings, medical center, construction zone, the favorite ShopRite Supermarket, the Monorail, businesses, people, dynamic life, and the set of the show: Captain Noah and his Magical Ark.

The Flight Fantasy zone will take you in the space that features imagination-based fun. Play on clouds, explore a flying machine, see how your body’s energy make movements at the Flight Fitness, create your own rockets that will take off from a tower at the Space Station, or catch hold of the remote planets on a Blue Screen as an astronaut! So, experience the trinity of speed, balance, and coordination for spinning, hovering, flying, and sliding.

At the Roadside Attractions, establish road signs, explore the adventures, collect tolls, repair your car in the Please Touch Garage, make a vehicle, drive the SEPTA Bus, ride the Monorail Rocket Express that takes you to future, and read a book in City Park. On the other hand, experience the water thrills at the River Adventures where you can explore nature, weather, and science via a river. Go for a sailboat race amidst the currents, see the bubbles, spot rainbows, hunt for animals in lily ponds and high grass, and play music with natural instruments in a tree house setting.

Wonderland is surely a land of marvels – descend the Rabbit Hole that will take one to the topsy-turvy world, wind via a round maze, be in the Tea Party, and explore the Pool of Tears, Hall of Doors and Mirrors, and the Duchess’ Kitchen all amidst the weird characters as well as optical illusions. And yes, do make a visit to the Fairytale Garden (toddlers).

History is easily learned via the 1876 train station that belongs to the Centennial Exploration exhibit. Next, enter the Hamilton Hall where a high dome as well as a 40-foot mock up is seen of the Statue of Liberty’s Arm and Torch. This one is captivatingly made from games, toys, games, and other items collected by Leo Sewell, the local artist. And lastly, do look for the walking piano and take ride on renovated, but century-old carousel in the Please Touch Museum.

Other attractions are the Playhouse Theater for shows, Program Room for art learning, and Story Castle for listening to stories.


At the Please Taste Cafe on the first floor, expect healthy items such as baked dishes, salads, sandwiches, nutritious snacks, specialty homemade pizzas, juices, yoghurt, chips, and pretzels.


9 am to 5 pm, except Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm



Best time to visit

Avoid rainy days and mornings, prefer fair weather days and afternoons. Come here on Mondays.

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