Lime wood and Coworth Park – Hotel review

Posted On November 16, 2010 

When you thinking contemporary or older world, bling or cool, then the English country house hotel which has been through all the incarnation  that has reinvented itself yet again. In this way , what stands out real well is the Lime wood and Coworth Park.

The downtown Abbey is part of what would remind you now and again  of a grand English country house. This apparently is the first hotel of its kind to have a country house that incorporates the old English traditions. The staff are dressed in acetated Silk striped waistcoats.

There are lashings of what seem like chintz and log fires that happened at places like the Chilton Glen. This also happened to be the indubitable king of what seemed like this heap.  When you now come back to the twenty first century, you will see a country hip house hotel which have the dowager countesses of Grantham.

After about eleven years , you will see the house has finally opened up and the place has been upgraded to the Lime wood and Coworth Park.  This place happens to be a part of Dorchester. Just for your information, the Dorchester is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. You could board the train at the clap ham junction. The place is almost like a gateway to romance, and there is another one that is being whisked up right into the drive through what seems like a ravishing wildflower meadow.  The main house of the Georgian, or even the Mansion house, is quite a dreamy place.

Martin Hulbert from the famous Fox Linton Associates. There are stables which are here that are converted into modern suites and the famous gardeners cottage. Although here there aren’t any gardeners, but a market for good linen and cashmere.

The dower house, is where you have an aga in  your hotel room. The garden  has a pond and a stream  with swans that seem to be glued to the surface. the whole illusion of this being a country vacation becomes complete with all this additions. This place also happens to be the perfect place for what seems like  polo house party.

The best cottage pie in the world is served on oak tables and the place has stone floors and informal diners. John Campbell over sees the food  that is available at Coworth. This is a posh restaurant and it has women who are pin thin, the Hermes are bigger than their bodies. The lime wood which is located in the new forests are quite cool.

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