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Posted On November 26, 2009 

The Roman Forum is known as the Forum Romanum in latin is the common name for the forum.It is located in the city of Rome in between the Capitoline hill and the Palatine Hill. It is supposed to be the central area and around it there was the development in the age-old Roman civilization. The local citizens of the place address the Roman Forum as the Forum Magnum and also as the Forum.

In the forum you will come across the most ancient and the most important structures of the old city. There is a former royal palace known as the Regia. The old republic was supposed to be having a Comitum in the forum where the senate and the government began. The people of the city were gathering at the forum for the faith and justice as the forum was the central hub as well as the city square. The forum had a pride of being the economic center of the city and it did act as the center of the Empire as well as the Republic.

The original area of the forum was a wetland with lots of grass all over it. In the 7th century BC it was being drained. Cloaca Maxima, a new building was constructed in the 7th century BC with an intention of covering the sewer system of the forum. The water of the sewer system had its outlet in the Tiber River. With this change many people started living in between the hills.

Roman Forum Rome

It was believed that there in some connection between the Romulus who was the first king for Rome and Titus Tatius who had acquired the capitoline hill during the beginning of the forum. The cobat was been used for prayers. Outside the actual Sabine Fortress walls laid the forum. You could enter it through Porta Aturni. When it was decided that the two hills would be joined, the adjacent walls were destroyed.

Numa Pompilius was the second king he started the construction of the houses, the royal palace as well as temple. Later the Curia was been erected by Tullus Hostilius which helped to enclose the Comitium. For the first time in 600BC the area of Tarquinius Priscus was been covered with tiles. The various temples in the forum either belong to the Republican era or the kingdom. Many temples and the shrines were destroyed and then rebuilt again.

An unknown traveler who belonged to Einsiedeln stated that the forum was very old and would fall anytime. Later it did happen and mostly all the parts of the monuments were buried. This place was known as the “cattle find” as well as the “Campo vaccine”. It is situated in between the Colossem and the Capitoline Hill. In 1367 the Pope Urban V was back from Avignon. It was the time when there was a drastic increase in the study of the age-old monuments.In 15th century the ruins were drawn to the forum later in the 16th century the inscriptions on the antiquaries were copied. Later in 18th century the didding of the ruin was started.

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