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Posted On July 13, 2011 

Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. The city dates back more than two thousand years and has been the capital of the Catalonia region for the period. The city was and still is an important port.

Barcelona offers a host of attractions for travelers, and this is inclusive of the architecture, the culture, art, cuisine and nightlife in the city that will appeal to any kind of traveler. If you happen to be traveling to Spain, of course Barcelona is a must visit. There is a plethora of attractions on offer.

Barcelona is a historical city. It was once the capital of an entire empire in the Mediterranean at a time when Madrid was just a minor settlement in the hot Spanish steppe. The city acquired more and more power in the medieval era. The city certainly enjoyed a huge number of privileges as well as autonomy status at that time.

Barcelona is a city that is populated by more than three million. However, Barcelona is also much more accessible and smaller. The walking tourist will have an easy time exploring the city sights on foot, as these are easily accessible.

Barcelona has 4 major districts it is divided into. This includes the Old City, or the Ciutat Vella, the Gothic Quarter or the El Barri Gotic, the waterfront area, which is known as the La Ribera as well as EL Raval, the outer boundaries of the city.

The La Rambla is the main road of the city, just like the Gran Via in Madrid. The La Rambla goes through the Old Town of the city as well, which makes it a great place to get your first taste of the city.

The Catedral de la Seau is situated at the Gothic Quarter of the city and La Rambla. The Boqueria Market situated close to the cathedral. The Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece of architecture by Antoni Gaudi that has been left unfinished is another of Barcelona’s top attractions.

Parc Guell is yet another attraction worth visiting. Gaudi designed this park as well, and the sheer magical feel of the park is one of the best reasons for visiting it. The warped side walks, multi colored tiles, towering pillars, twisted pillars and more makes you feel literally like Alice.

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