Sikkim – Tranquility

Posted On May 11, 2011 

Sikkim is a minuscule state located in the Himalayan ranges in the North Eastern portion of India. It is home to the third highest peak in the world – Mt Kanchenjunga and is most famous as a region that is blessed by Mother Nature to such an extent that it is described as a veritable heaven on earth.

There are a huge number of excellent locales here that make for an exceedingly rewarding holiday. The state is a destination that simply abounds in peace and tranquility. It is certainly one of the best ways you can enjoy some downtime from the hustle and bustle of the city rat races.

Sikkim is a destination that is one of the most complete with respect to its attractions. The state is home to a huge number of attractions related to nature with a huge variety, for starters. The state is also a famous destination for religious tourists as there are quite a number of Buddhist destinations here.

The Sikkim tourism on offer in Sikkim is another advantage. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, there is no better spot than Sikkim, as the state is filled with a simply splendid range of species that are rarely seen in other parts of India, such as the red panda, snow leopard, blue sheep and others. The verdant forests and the exquisite mountains are complemented by crystal clear lakes.

Trekkers and climbers have a veritable paradise in Sikkim. They can start trekking right from the word go on the various trekking routes. These will take you through the mighty mountain ranges, the verdant forests, the delicate ecosystems.

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