The Vibrant White Beach Of Boracay Island

Posted On December 15, 2009 

The 4 kilometer long White Beach welcomes tourist with water sports, along with restaurants, resorts, and other tourist- related centers lined up on it. It is one of the most popular beaches of the world.

This beach has a two kilometer long footpath in its central portion, connected to the main road through several paths and roads. The White Beach is connected with Diniwid Beach at its northern end, through a footpath.

While the serenity of the beach has been affected by over tourism, there still is a charm intact that attracts tourists here and needs to be preserved.


The island of Boracay is in South East Asia, about 2 kilometers off the northwest tip of the Island of Panay in the western Visavas region of the Philippines and about 315 kilometers south of Manila.

The White Beach is on of the two popular beaches of the Island of Boracay, on its western coast. The other facing eastwards is the Bulabog Beach.

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When to visit

November to March is usually a good time to visit a tropical Island and enjoy it at its best. With the Boracay Island too, that’s more or less the case.

The Boracay Island enjoys a tropical weather. Broadly, it follows two patterns known in the local Tagalog language as Amihan and Habagat, associated with the El Nino and La Nina global weather patterns respectively.

Amihan means a cool northeast wind, the Amihan season comes with moderate temperatures, scanty or no rainfall and a prevailing wind from the east. This pattern lasts in Boracay Island in the months from September to May or October to June.

For the rest of the year, the weather pattern is Habagat, which is the local word for west or south west wind or south west monsoon. As the meaning suggests, the weather in this season is hot and humid, with frequent heavy rainfall and a prevailing wind from the east.

The transition between the two seasons is often abrupt.

During the Amihan season to February March, the temperatures during the day range from 25 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. With the onset of the Habagat season, these temperatures go up to 28 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius. There are tropical storms, mostly during the Habagat season when the temperatures drop to about 20 degree Celsius.

The Amihan season is a peak tourist season in Boracay and the best time to surf at the beaches here.

How to reach White Beach

The Island of Boracay and Panay Island is connected by boats operating in the narrow strait between them. These boats actually operate from the Catilcan jetty port. The Island of Palay is located right opposite the barangay of Caticlan in Aklan, a Malay municipality.

There are two airports too in Aklan province that serve the Boracay Island – the Kalibo airport in Kalibo and the Catlican or the formal Godofredo P. Ramos Airport in Catlican. There are buses too to Catlican from Manila, and from Catlican, you can get on to one of the ferries.

While in the Island, there are motor-tricycles or Pedicabs along with mountain bikes, motorbikes and quad bikes that you can rent here. Walking along the beaches is a good idea as well.

Attractions at White Beach

From the busiest part like the markets, restaurants and the beach itself to the quietest part with native bungalows, the White Beach on the Midwest coast of the Island has varied attractions on all of its three stations.

A famous tourist attraction here is the Willy’s Rock, a volcanic formation. Located 100 meters off the shore on Station One the rock has the statue of Virgin Mary on its top.

For water sports, the Barocay Island is just perfect, whether its swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sailing, kayaking, or simple boating.  Other sports related activities that you could go for here is island hopping, hiking, trekking, caving, mountain climbing, biking and horse back riding by way of which you can discover the charming old villages, rocky cliffs, hidden coves and other isolated villages in the Island of Boracay.

The Island in fact, hosts the Paraw Regatta annually, an international sail boat race. There are diving points that suit both the expert divers and novices. Recreational sports like golf, tennis, and bowling and of course volleyball too are popular here.

If you are a party person, you don’t have to go far from the beach as the open discos with beach as the dance floor is the scene on this Island.

Boardsailing is good fun at the White Beach, especially for starters. The Bulabog beach is however more popular for an apt condition for board sailing. The good point for expert sailors is Tabon Strait.

In proximity to the Island is the Tibiao White Water River that descends 2000 meters down from Mount Madja-as to the sea. On the banks of the river are rich vegetations, beautiful falls and clear water.

There are motorized bancas and sailing paraws that you can rent and explore the coast of the Island of Boracay. The Paraw Sailing at Boracay Islandsailing paraw is a narrow hulled boat with outriggers on either side, wherein passengers are seated on a trampoline platform between the out rigger supports.

The other beaches that are worth a visit if you are at this Island are the Bulabog Beach, which also has a small butterfly garden, a highlight for nature lovers with rare tropical trees, the Puka Shell Beach or the Yupak Beach in the north for a nice picnic time with friends and family and the Baling Hai Beach in the north east, which has a breathtaking cliff top view to offer to the tourists.

The White Beach, there fore has it all that’s needed to make a beach place attractive to tourists, among so many beaches around the world. Whether you want to chill out and have a quiet evening with yourself and your close ones or you want to explore the coast, the choice is yours and the venue- The White Beach at the Barocay Island.

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