Travel Insurance: Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Posted On April 25, 2012 

Before embarking on a trip, it is a good idea to make sure you’ve secured adequate direct travel insurance. This kind of insurance can protect you against a host of issues that could occur on your trip. For instance, two events that would be protected with travel insurance would be if the trip is either cancelled or somehow interrupted.

Travel insuranceExpenses incurred in order to travel can be rather expensive. This could include airfare, cruise booking fees, hotels and more. Making sure all of these have been reserved is part of trip planning. Sometimes things can happen that necessitate the trip be shortened or canceled. In most situations, airline tickets or even cruise fees cannot be refunded. This would turn out to be substantial financial loss for the traveler. Travel insurance is designed to reimburse travelers for these expenses that cannot be refunded when a trip must be cancelled or ended abruptly.

Different events are eligible for coverage. For instance, if a trip has to be cancelled or interrupted due to illness or death, it can be covered. The illness can be one that afflicts the insured or their immediate family. Keep in mind that pre-existing conditions that cause a trip to be cancelled or interrupted would not qualify. Some reasons that trips may be cancelled or interrupted are due to war, epidemic and the like. These usually are not covered with this kind of travel insurance.

Specific coverage will vary between insurance companies. Therefore, it is a good idea to get as much information as you can in order to adequately compare coverage. Certain plans cover specific parts of a trip while others will cover the entire trip. It is best to get the more extensive insurance coverage. This will insure that you are adequately protected in the event something does cause your trip to be either cancelled or ended early.

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