Travel to Yemen and have fun in the Yemeni Villa

Posted On November 10, 2010 

The local Arabic is so pleasant hear, that you could playfully switch between the Yemeni accents. The place feels like it has been recently visited by Ibn Batuta who is the Marco Polo of the world of Arabs.

When you travel to Yemen, it would be good if you go during the month of October. The mountains here are well lit and there are nice bright gashes of green that are brought about by a beautiful spring which is given here in autumn.  This place gives life and culture to the many terraced fields that give shape to the many hills here. Come to Yemen and have fun in the Yemeni Villa.

The heat does not interfere with the harvest.  There are many souks here that have lovely fresh fruits. This place also happens to be  the favorite season for weddings.  There are many villages which have big lovely fiestas. Which are playfully and artistically accompanied by warrior processions and sword dances.

Come to Yemen and have fun in the Yemeni Villa.

There are lots of ways in which you could have a lovely time when you travel to Yemen.  There are many places that are lovely to look at here. In fact in the history books, the famous Prophet Mohammed and his four successors would come and visit places over her. When there is a passionate immersion of one person in another culture then that becomes lifelong and true.

When you get a guide, who would also probably be your driver, would tell you to not be worried.  After about a week of visiting many different mosques, there are mountain top citadels and routes which have been used from before the Islamic era.. a lot of people here who have made this their life long passion have done it out of chance.  When you go to oxford and read the many classics, you should try reading classical Arabic work.  There are many pieces of Arabic literature which have been taught although, never has it been spoken off that much.  There is a gap in one of the tutors here, suggested that he might also fill in for the time that he has spent in the Arabs lands.

Once of the reasons this place was so famous was for its bone shattering motor cycles. In fact it was such a big deal that if you live here and not write about it, it would almost prove criminal.

When you sit in the living room, with the sunlight filling in through the glass panes, you could probably lean across the sofa like bed with cushions in a shade of powder blue. By now you would probably also be able to see the rooftops of the Sanaa , from the windows with red and blue glass.

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