The San Of The Kalahari

Posted On November 27, 2009 

The San or the Basarwa locals of the Kalahari are mostly known as the Bushmen. The Kalahari is a huge desert that covers the various regions of Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia. The San lived on one of the most unreceptive land in the world, and they survived themselves by hunting wild animals and gathering tubers and the roots. Many people came to known about the life of the people living here and their click language through a very famous South African movie named “The Gods must be Crazy”.

The San Of The KalahariIt is believed that the San has the oldest culture in the world. It dates back up till around a hundred thousand years ago. In southern Africa where the San lived excellent rock art is been witnessed. In South Africa the San’s lived as the hunter-gatherers. After 2000 years the San’s started living in the arid sand region. The San’s shifted to Kalahari Deserted as the Bantu tribes who were more commonly known as the white farmers took more fertile from them. The used this fertile for their livestock as well as their crops.

Even today out of the total population of 95000 only 2000 sans who follow their tradition life. Only few sans go out for hunting as well as gathering. A group of nearly 10 to 15 individuals go out for hunting and gathering. They mostly move around to find food and gather water from the various water sources. The shelters of the Sans are mostly temporary as they keep shifting from one place to another. Their houses are made up of branches which are tied together in a semi-circular shape and they have a thatched roof.

Bushmen HuntingThe groups mostly consist of the family members. You will find no chief or leader to the various groups. Hunting is the duty of the men and the women look after the gathering work. Hunting has been a group task and hence the meat is also shared among the people. The bow and arrow of the Sans have poison on its tip. The Sans are supposed to be the skilled hunters. Gathering has a less importance but it gives the Sans 80% of their food.

These days the sans find it very much difficult to follow their traditional lifestyle and culture. The scene is same for all the hunter gatherers tribes all across the globe. These days the cattle are being grazed on the land where the sans used to hunt. The cattle are protected by their surrounded fences. The hunting patter of the Sans are also changing. The San workers are badly abused by the farmers . The hunting skills that the Sans possess are making them popular among the armies.

There are many tours that you can take 2 know more about the San culture. If you take a guide he will surely take you for a walk in the desert. You would be shown the different ways to collect foods, herbs also how to track games and also make you participate in the dance and music performances.

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