Traveling to Belize with Miraculous Belize Beaches

Posted On October 20, 2010 

When you do reach the famous Berber village in Sidi Kaouki, it would probably be dark by the time you get there. Here don’t expect any street lights. In fact other than the main road there aren’t any streets either. The most you may have to light up your night a beautiful moonlight.

While Traveling to Belize in the night, it would feel like you are walking through a new world, by the next morning.  You can see stones for miles. There are no trees and barely any grass near Belize Beaches. The bushes are nice and scrubby. And there are a few stone walls that demarcate plots with stone flecks that tumble down the stone dwellings.  The entire scenario has bee a hoot for archeological discoveries and sites that have been chosen for deep excavation.

Sidi Kaouki

Later on, the beauty of this place starts enveloping you. You suddenly start taking notice of shapes and forms.  There are small boys with three cows, who were hitting his stick lightly against their backsides. He was actually directing them toward the pasture. There was an older boy who had two camels, who directed them down a narrow lane. You might also see a dog trotting quite innocently. When you go forward, you might be hugely surprised. There is a vast expanse of sand that almost looks like powdered ginger which has been ground and pounded by the Atlantic Ocean.  Now when you come to think of it, this land doesn’t seem that barren after all.

If you look at the ninety three miles which lies to the north of Agadie, you might even find out that Sidi Kaouki was Sidi Kaouki kite surfingoriginally named so after a mar about which dates back form the nineteenth century. There is a holy man and teacher and his shrine that stays by the sea. This shrine is very famous amongst pilgrims.  Not so long ago, the entire cast of sex and the city came here to shoot for a film where the local beach was a beach double for Dubai.  This beach is known all over the world for its amazing beach conditions which are almost close to perfect.  You could also go board and kite surfing. The climate here makes it warm and windy through out the year.

So in this place you have beautiful landscape and plenty of water sports as well.

The village in fact, is known for its amazing combination of serenity which has incorporated a Moroccan styled village which has the chick souk and café culture that Essaouira has come up with. This lies just along the coast.

Check back here to find out more about what happens in this amazing place with Belize tourism.

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