Peru’s Best Surfer Beaches

Posted On May 13, 2011 

Peru has a three thousand kilo meter long coastline on the Pacific Ocean. The Peruvian Coast has some of the most perfect waves on offer for surfers. The entire coastline has sandy beaches, rocky places, cliffs, bays and peninsulas in large numbers.

There are also a good number of hotels and resorts located here. Peru is definitely filled with potential if you are a surfing enthusiast on the lookout for quality surf experiences.

Lima is the capital city of Peru, and is filled with opportunities for surfers. Costa Verde is one of the most popular areas in the city and is visited by both expert surfers and novices. There are waves for every level available, and earns almost ten points. La Herradura is one pf the most powerful lefts in the coast of Peru and can be found in the pristinely beautiful and surprisingly uncrowded bay at the Chorrillos district.

Panamerican highway is another location to the south of Lima. A drive down here will take you across some of the best beaches in the coast. The beach breaks at the Conchan area are extremely popular and have surf area on both sides of the pier. San Pedro is another popular location. Arica is situated to the end of the beach, and has tiny wave points. The rocky bottom beach breaks and the sandy bottom beach break are popular with surf enthusiasts.

As you go further in the south, you will be rewarded with some of the most magical beaches in the country. Both average and advanced surfers can enjoy these. La Timba is a famous location with a mythic peak. Cabelleros has a good right, with the right tide as well as south swells. Pico Alto is famous for the south west.

Punta Hermosa is another popular option located to the south. El Paso is a jewel in the crown of Punta Hermosa. The solid peaks have mainly rights that break from the overhead and up, tubular and fast. La Isla, with its classic right break, Punta Rocas and the Kon Tiki are other popular destinations.

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