Glamping Delights in Sandat

Posted On July 11, 2013 

What is glamping? It is the merged version for glamorous camping. This is a beautiful way of recreation in all parts of the world. Sandat near Bali in Indonesia is one of the amazing hotels providing such luxuries. With the natural beauty and modern amenities, this is one of a kind and is a preferred way of enjoying luxurious stays in tours.

Built of coconut wood and with a thatched roof, the suites here look elegant, royal, and luxurious. Overlooking some of the best rice granaries and terraced fields, Sandat offers the best facilities to tourists and makes tours here really worth it. Enjoy the art galleries in Ubud as also the lotus ponds, which lend beauty to the visual delight. There are shadow puppet performances at the Royal Palace, which make your stays here, even more interesting. Travellers take a short bike ride here and enjoy going over the hills. For the more adventurous, the ride down Mount Batur is a memorable experience. Others enjoy at the camp bar carved out of a lava rock.

Mount Batur In Bali

Sandat is thus the first glamping destination in this island of the Gods, Bali in the beautiful surroundings of Indonesia. Offering some of the best cottages and eco friendly tents, the glamping delights in Sandat is something unique and special.

With the safari style tents, providing more excitement than ever, this is a perfect way to spend your glamping delights in Sandat in style. There are eight such eco friendly accommodations in Sandat and the simple exotic charm of these places is what makes tours here cherishable.

Lumbung at Bali Houes

There are three lumbungs here, which are local buildings, which store rice. Today they are converted into two magnificent homes. Thus, tours to Sandat are filled with glamorous memories.

Bali Bamboo Furniture

With the simple barefoot luxury of this place, the five tented lodges, and the bamboo furniture, glamping delights in Sandat provide a perfect ambience to enjoy a memorable experience.

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