Accademia Gallery Attractions in Florence

Posted On March 14, 2012 

Come to Italy and enjoy the sights in Florence which is the centre of the Italian Renaissance period. This is like an open air museum to the visitors who come here. In fact, anyone who comes to Florence would be sure to find this lovely arena of beautiful arty constructions and lovely visual elegance a great treat. So come here and enjoy the feeling of being in an ambience that would take you down the historical lane.

With the buildings and theAccademia Gallery piazzas which are in themselves a proof of the kind of historical architecture here and of the times gone by, Florence is surely a perfect treat for the history lover. So whether it is the cathedral or the churches, the palaces or the constructions, it is a travel experience to remember once you are in this part of the world. Decorated by the most fascinating and the famous artists of that era, there is something very mystical about the monuments in Florence. So whether it is Brunelleschi or Michelangelo, Florence always has had the best of it. But if you want to see the other side of the city, then visit the indoor beauties of this lovely locale. This is where you would see a different Florence. So go along to the museums and enjoy the lovely frescoes and the sculptures and the beautiful paintings that are the mainstay of the museums here.

One such museum in Florence is the Galleria Museum which is the second popular museum here. It has along line normally, and is a little heavy on the pocket but is worth all the money and the effort. It is better that you reserve your tickets to this place by phone so that you can save yourself the trouble of the line.

Galleria Museum

It is believed that in the year 1784, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, converted the friary of San Matteo and also the convent of San Niccolo di Caffagion to a lovely gallery. Pierto Leopoldo the Duke did this so that the students in the nearby Accademia delle Belle Arti or the fine Arts Academy could get an opportunity to go into the past and understand the popular works of the artists who existed then.

Today the museum is popular place which is very famous for Michelangelo’s David. This is without doubt a masterpiece in the arena of sculptures in the world and there are five other such lovely and fascinating Michelangelo sculptures here in this museum. So you would get to see the four unfinished Prisoners and also St. Matthew. Then there is a collection of Gothic and also paintings of the Renaissance period that were once upon a time a part of the Medici collections.

Uffizi Gallery

It was in the year 1873 that the famous Michelangelo’s David came into the museum and then it was moved from the Piazza della Signoria so that it could be conserved well. There is a replica of the statue still in the Piazza della Signoria. The size of the statue is a surprise and it was the Opera del Duomo which commissioned the statue sometime in the year 1501.  The work on the statue is such that the Republican Florence, its virtues and the way it was freed from papal domination has been symbolized. Recently there were efforts to depict the ambitions of the people during the Renaissance period.

The 16 foot beauty took around three years to establish and Michelangelo’s reputation as the most accomplished sculptor started from this. David was supposed to be an outdoor sculptor and so the extra large hands and legs seem to be justified. The eyes are so made that one can see it only from below. The strange thing about he statue is that the two eyes seem to be looking in different directions.

With other works of art like the Giambologna’s plaster copy and Botticelli’s Madonna, the works of the Orcagna brothers, and the absolutely fascinating collections of the musical intsruments from the Luigi Cherubini make a visit to this museum a visual treat in Florence.

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