Boston, Massachusetts – Sights and Attractions

Posted On July 8, 2011 

When you mention Boston, the several things come to mind all at one. The Universities that made the city famous as a center of education is one. The Celtics, the Red Sox are others. The Tea Party reminds us of the historical significance of the city. The marathon is another thing that Boston reminded me of.

Reverend William Blackstone was lone traveler that came to the area in the early half of the 1600’s. He had Puritans following him, and all of them settled here. The settlements were first known as Shawmut and were later renamed as Boston. The city played a significant role also in the formation of America as a Democracy. Over two centuries passed and the city became famous as a center for education and intellectual pursuits. Harvard University was founded here, as was Boston Latin School.

During the time when America was under British Rule, the city of Boston was among the pioneers in the resistance. Boston citizens resisted and opted to increase the taxes of their subjects and sowed the seeds of the revolution in America.

Boston of today is the capital of the state of Massachusetts and is among the oldest cities in the United States. The city is a center for culture as well as economics. Boston has a veritable wealth of culture, arts and history. The city was famous for being home to such notable individuals as Edgar Allan Poe, John Hancock, John Quincy Adams, and last and the most, Paul Revere. More recently, the city produced Leonard Nimoy, Jack Lemmon, Olympia Dukakis and Aerosmith.

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