Amazing Pleasures at the Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel

Posted On March 7, 2012 

Tamil Nadu is that part of India which is located on the south eastern part of the Indian coast. This state is surrounded by the Indian Ocean in the south, Bay of Bengal in the east, Arabian Sea in the west and the States of Kerala and Karnataka also bordering in the west. The northern part of the state is again bordered by the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

Tamil Nadu is a great land with the maximum spectacle and the civilization here is very ancient and its origin goes back to the times before. The Tamils here belong to the Dravidian race who are supposed to be the first people who lived here. These people have settled here much before the Indo Aryans came in. There have been excavations that have found a great resemblance between the people in the Indus Valley Civilization, and the Dravidians.

Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel

Tamil Nadu is a land of heritage hotels which are found all over the cities of the State of Tamil Nadu. There are a large number of hotels that are found all over the state of Tamil Nadu and these meet the requirements of the tourists. Many tourists come to this land of culture and tradition and enjoy the lovely stays in the hotels that dominate the place.

The Heritage Hotels of Tamil Nadu are the buildings of heritage value that are constructed by the kings who existed in the past. There are many palaces and castles here which have been existing here since ancient times. Many people come here and enjoy the luxurious privileges that are given in these hotels. With the charm, grandeur and the hospitality that is meted out to the tourists in these hotels, stays here are always filled with a lot of ecstatic memories and cherishable moments.

Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel

The Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu is a beautiful example of how heritage hotels in this part of the world have thrived in the tourism industry. This 100 year old heritage home has been converted into a lovely heritage hotel. It is built in such a way that the traditional value of the state and the cultural heritage of the State are exhibited in the best way possible. With thatched roofs, and the wooden framework, this is a place which has the best courtyards which are used such that the facets of the hotel are highlighted. There is a swimming pool here which is built on the lines of a village tank pool.


There are 25 rooms with a lot of furnishings and the most beautiful décor. With spacious rooms and lovely scenic beauty this is one hotel that surely gives the best for all those who live here. With the private sit outs that are so beautiful and convenient and provide great visual delight, the facilities in the cottages complement your stay here.

With good dining and business facilities, the Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel in Kumbakonam is a sure favourite for all those who come here to this part of India.

There is a conference room which is equipped with the best kind of technologies and also has the best ways to ensure steady business. With lot of assistance provided for sight seeing, and lovely nature walks, the scenic beauty here and the fantastic gardens give a great sight for all those who come here for a relaxed and rejuvenated feeling. Play the indoor games here and get to know the best of enjoying in this part of Tamil Nadu in the Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel in Kumbakonam.

With playgrounds for children, and laundry serves at your doorstep, with ayurvedic massage centers and ideal recreation joints the Sterling Swamimalai Heritage Hotel in Kumbakonam is a must experience.

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