Arizona Latino Arts Aria Cultural Centre

Posted On August 29, 2012 

The Arizona Latino Arts Aria Cultural Centre is a greatly interesting museum in this part of Arizona and offers the best sights and the most memorable experiences. This museum basically illuminates and also promotes Latinos in Arizona through collaboration, advocacy and education.

The main aim of this museum is to start a campaign and also have a strategy to create the first kind of Latino Cultural Centre in Phoenix. Also it tries to create an effective Latino arts network for all the organizations, arts, activists and advocates the pleasures of enjoying a great art area. It helps in otter professional training and builds up the capacity and also enhances the technical support. The centre tries to advocate for a lot of funding, resources and empowers financial capability to the Latino artists and also related organizations.

Again the main objective of the museum is giving the best art resources to the educational system of Arizona. Then of course the museum also instills a great ethic for entrepreneurship and gives a good standard of prosperity among the artists of Latino origin and the other art organizations. To enhance communications and to encourage education and also collaborations, there is a link that is created between the Latino artists and the Latinos. Also the related media, art organizations and other communities are given a lot of importance and communication between them is fostered.

Cultural center for latino arts

Today the Arizona Arts & cultural Centre has become a great spot to have activities related to diverse art forms and is found in downtown phoenix. The events have had great musical performances, a live theatre, staged readings, film screenings, and distinguished speeches given by experienced speakers, lot of workshops and many such things. Raul Yzaguiire and Delores Huerta are two such examples of such work. There are many community and civic gatherings that are had here and have been held here and have contributed a great deal to the art culture here in Arizona.

Located in the middle of the downtown Phoenix, the Arizona Latino Arts Aria Cultural Centre has a lot of facility for parking in the Regency Garage , in the Collier Centre, or on the 1st street. There are many restaurants that are there for dinner and lunch. Visit this fantastic storehouse of arts and enjoy the main culture and the vibrant ambience of the surroundings. Share the rich heritage here and head for this destination which gives you a great ambience and a majestic culture of the past. The Galeria 147 gives you an idea of the diverse culture and the influence that it has had on the people living here. The sculpture, works of art and the immensely creative works here make up a lot of the visits here in this part of Arizona.

There is a gift shop called “La Tiendita”which has a great variety of crafts, jewellery and handmade arts with price ranges between $5 to $ 50.

Arts and cultural attractions
This is the main space for exhibition and has been curated by the Arizona Arts & Culture visual Arts Committee. This committee has many art educators and veteran artists. The committee invites all the proposals that are obtained from international and local participants.

In the month of July the Arizona Latino Arts Aria and cultural Centre celebrated the Arizona Centennial with a lovely mural that has been created by Jose Andres Giron who is a resident curator. The mural was unveiled at the First Friday Event. The mural was displayed for all to see and it covered around seven large windows in front of Adam St.

La Tiendita is a gift shop which gives one of the most special shopping opportunities here in the downtown Phoenix. This is the place where the collection is of a varied type. Here is where you would find the most original art works by the artists in Arizona. There are many works for sale that are inclusive of the masks, sculptures, photography, paintings, jewelry and other kinds of art. Also seen as the crosses, Mexican music, wearable art, papel picado, folk art besides of course many accessories like magnets, T shirts, mugs and works of ceramics. There are also displays of art, culture and history and other pieces of literature.

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The Arizona Latino Arts Aria Cultural Centre is thus a great place to be in and a nice place filled with interesting sights.

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