The Arkansas Arts Centre

Posted On March 16, 2012 

Come to the Arkansas Arts centre that has always been in the arena of giving a collection of the most unique works on paper. These are mainly European and American and are from the Renaissance period. There are very recognizable works here which are the examples of artistic talents. So get to see the best of artistic works of Cezanne, Jackson Pollock, Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, Rubens, Rembrandt, and Alison Saar. The collections here are a great way of expressing the artistic abilities of the artists in the world.

The Arts Centre has the best collections ever that has the most fascinating collections of watercolors, and has more than 135 drawings done by the greatest talents like Paul Signac. There are more than 100 post minimalist drawings, and it has been done by the likes of Arthur Dove’s Sketchbook “E” and has more than 80 works by artists like Will Barnet.

Arkansas Arts Centre

There are lovely collections which showcase the best of talents. So get to see the masterworks in the paintings done by Diego Rivera, Francesco Bassano, Odilon Redon, and also Bassano. Also see the sculptures done by Henry Moore, and also the great works of Roy Lichenstein, There are also prints by Rembrandt , Durer and Whistler.

Then there are other areas of collection in contemporary objects like the craft media and items like the teapots by the artists of the contemporary period. Also get to see the wooden objects, the ceramics work, the studio glass, besides the jewelry and the metalwork that is designed by the artists. There are many highlights of the works that are done by Albert Paley, Dale Chihuly, Dorothy gill Barnes, and Peter Voulkos. All these are worth seeing and provide a great interest value to the tourist. Those who come here go back with a lot to ponder about. This is one lovely way of making your tours here in this part of the world complete. Add to it the essence of getting into artistic exhibitions of talents and you have got the perfect dose of entertainment and valuable works.

Search the Online Collection and see the works of art here in this land of pleasurable tourism. There are two other ways by which you can see the lovely collections that are exhibited here in this lovely land of artistic exposure.

Arkansas Arts Centre inside

The first way is to visit the installations of the permanent collections that are on view at the galleries of the Arkansas Art Centre.

The second way is to schedule a visit to the Donald .W. Reynolds Centre for Drawing Research and Education so as to study drawings that are not on view.

This Arts Centre has so much to exhibit and so much to showcase that the events that are held the entire year are surely going to enthrall the tourist and give him the ultimate experiences of being in an Arts Centre. There are new experiences for the visitor in every tour and the sheer beauty of being surrounded by such illustrious works is what makes a visit here enriching.

Then this centre is now having the 54th Annual Delta Exhibition which is organized by the Arkansas Arts Centre from January 27 to March 28, 2012, and this has showcased a lot of works by artists from Arkansas and its nearby states. There is an exhibition of all the provocative and innovative works of all those in media, and the trends that are seen in the art arena. Tom Butler the Executive Director of the Columbus Museum, would serve as the juror. Butler has in fact organized more than 100 exhibitions of such graphics, contemporary arts, sculpture, paintings etc.

You too can bring arts into the society, through various activities like going around the Arkansas Arts Centre Collection, or even the Arkansas Arts Center Children’s Theatre, where you can choose to expand your knowledge about arts and where you can have your own captivating spectacles in the field of art.

Arkansas Arts Centre

While on the travels around the world, art museums are surely a great attractions and the Arkansas Art Museum is one such lovely experience.

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