Chapultepec Castle: Multi-purpose monument in Mexico

Posted On May 6, 2011 

Chapultepec Castle is a building that has fulfilled quite a number of roles in the past. The castle functioned as a fortress in its glory days. The Castillo de Chapultepec is an architectural masterpiece that has immense significance with respect to history. The castle is in fact a legendary monument. The history of the castle is such that it will enchant listeners of all ages.

The word Chapultepec exactly means “at the grasshoppers hill”. This somewhat expresses the positioning of the Chapultepec Castle, atop the Chapultepec Hill, although there are no huge grasshoppers that have set up residence here. The Chapultepec Castle is a towering monument, and is close to 7628 ft in the Chapultepec Park.

From being a fortress in the ancient times, the Chapultepec Castle has been used for several functions, such as a training academy for the military, the residence of the President, European Sovereign home as well as an observatory. As an observatory the castle is simply magnificent. It stands right on top of the towering height of the hill. In the present day, it is home to the famous Mexican National Museum of History and is also referred to commonly as the Museo Nacional de Historia.

In addition, the Chapultepec Castle has had a huge number of legends associated with it. There are quite a few incidents that have made it the legendary structure it is now. The castle is the only citadel in entire North America that was stayed in by great European royalties such as the Empress Carlota and consort, Maximilian I, the famous Mexican Emperor. The position of Chapultepec Hill is also a significantly holy destination for the Aztec people. There are quite a few things to see and explore.

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