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Posted On February 24, 2011 

Nestled in the Wade Park of the trendy University Circle area, the Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) is globally recognized for its sizeable holdings of Egyptian as well as Asian art. It is the home of over permanent 40,000 art works from all across the globe. Cleveland is bestowed with several esteemed cultural institutions of which one is the Cleveland Museum of Art that is also among the most vital art museums in the United States. In Ohio, it is sole major museum to continue to provide free admission for exploring its permanent collection.

Nestled at some 15 minutes from downtown, CMA is famous for its vast collection of Indian, Asian, medieval and modern European, Pre-Columbian, Chinese, Islamic, African, Greek, Roman, Oceania, and Ancient American art along with the textiles, European painting and sculpture, and American painting and sculpture. Within the museum, a few featured artists are Nicolas Poussin, Salvador Dali, and J. M. W. Turner. Just in front of the Cleveland Museum of Art is a big cast of The Thinker that was somewhat damaged in 1970 by a protester and was not restored. Today, this figurine is assumed to be a right analysis on the concurrence between the chaotic and the classical.

Among all the attractions, the most interesting one to all ages is the armor court that is an enclosed courtyard packed with the several items of the medieval armor. This collection contains the pieces of arms as well as armor of the Medieval Europe such as weapons, helmets, and full body shield for a horse as well as a man. This rich heritage is further beautified by the gothic medieval art rendering the collection incredibly unforgettable. Other attractions of the permanent exhibits are a big French Impressionist collection, a vital display of marble and bronze figurine by Auguste Rodin, and many fine Art Nouveau pieces such as those from Hector Guimard and Louis Comfort Tiffany. The most recent addition in 2009 was of the Eastern Wing that is the home of the modern and contemporary art.

Besides the permanent displays, there are also vital temporary exhibitions displayed on a regular basis. The most recent shows referred to the ‘Barcelona and Modernity’, Arts and Crafts Movement in America and Europe, works of the Impressionists from the Corcoran Museum, and works of 1930s by Pablo Picasso. A majority of the temporary displays are visited only at a fee. And yes, to visit the famous exhibits, advance tickets are recommended so that you do not have to wait.

Besides the permanent as well as temporary exhibits of art, the Cleveland Museum of Art also offers performances, lectures, and education as well as research chances. Among these, the performances as well as the lectures often tend to support the works of art that are showcased in the exhibitions or permanent collection. In addition, the museum schedules for some great family events, gallery lectures, and book clubs where one get a chance to study the books with artistic themes. And last, but not the least; the museum also features music, films, and performing arts of the different cultures from across the planet. There is a vast research library that ranks third in the list of largest research libraries in the United States. However, only the art researchers are allowed here irrespective of whether they are informal or professional. Courses for kids as well as adults form up the educational opportunities at the museum.


At the museum, you can find an interesting gift shop as well as the Museum café that is a chic eatery zone serving light meals along with the al fresco courtyard seating during the sunny hot days.



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