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Posted On November 24, 2009 

Your eyes keep rolling from one end to another while you watch the giant museum. Yeah it is now a museum I mean a palace which is now one of the renowned museum of the world. Massive, elaborate, huge….. You call it whatever, but this word definitely proves that it is not possible to experience the beauty of Louvre in one day. Yes, I m using the word ‘ not possible’ rather than ‘ impossible’ as literally even it says ‘ I am possible’. Even a hebdomad is not sufficient enough.

It is Musse du Louvre for the local souls but legitimately it is named as Grand Louvre and in lingua Franca it is called as Louvre Museum or Great Louvre, or simply the Louvre- the largest museum of France. It is one of the most visited and historic monument of the world.

The Louvre is a separate little city with all its rooms and exhibitions; it is allied to numerous modes of transportation, Louvre museummalls, shops and restaurant. The Louvre station unlike other stations of Paris is just build magnificently. The other stations of Paris subway are almost featureless. It stands out because of its beautiful decorations and amazing work of art found and the most unbelievable part is foyer of Louvre which has direct access from the platform.

Owned by the French government, it is the central milestone of ‘La Ville-Lumière’ – Paris. Louvre is located on the right bank of slow flowing Seine.

This splendid museum has been dwelling in Louvre palace (Palais du Louvre); built during 12th century had began as fortress under Philip II. This palace had been altered many times during the reign of Francois.
This original palace actually turned as museum when Louis XIV left for Palace of Versailles and left the Louvre Palace for displaying the royal art work and collection of antique sculptures and during this work of museum had slowed down.
Well to mention it was during French revolution that Louvre museum was declared as Public Museum with the statement announced in Assembly
’ A place for bringing together monuments of all the sciences and arts’.
And then Louvre welcomed public on 10th august 1793.

It was under Napoleon that work of the museum resumed. It was Dominique Vivant- Denon who was appointed as the first director by Napoleon; the French revolution made the royal art and art work from aristocracy was made available to the hoi polloi thus creating one of the largest museums in the world. It was after the defeat of Napoleon in the battle of Waterloo the art work and collections were kept in disguised. It was the world wars that slowed down the expansion of museum.

During the opening of the museum in 1793 it displayed 537 paintings and 184 objects of art and now at this date the museum contains more than 3,80,000 ojects of art work and displays 35,000 works or art.
The collection is so huge and potpourri that they actually had to spilt the department according to style and reign. It is divided into eight curatorial departments.

  • Egyptian AntiquitiesSculptures in louvre
  • Near Eastern antiquities
  • Greek, Etruscan, and Roman
  • Islamic art
  • Sculpture
  • Decorative arts
  • Painting
  • Prints and drawings

There is huge collection of art work but I would like to focus on some of them like  A votive head, The Ibex Rhyton, The Rampin Rider, Christ between two apostles, The Pieta of Villeneuve les Avignon, Liberty leading the People, The Crucifixion, Terracotta cup, Psyche revived by the cupid’s kiss, Venus De Milo and The Winged Victory Of Samothrace.

But the most biggest attraction of the entire museum can be considered the masterpiece painting of Leonardo Da VinciMona Lisa is a portrait of the wife of a Florentine silk merchant, La Giaconda who is also known as Mona Lisa. Leonardo carried this painting wherever he went but during his last visit at France on the invitation of King Francois I; the painting remained in France itself. It is reported that in 1804 the last owner of this painting Napoleon I donated this painting with a mysterious smile. And now Louvre is the owner of this Beautiful Lady.

If you are on your visit to Grand Louvre then please note the timing which will help you through out the excursion.

  • The museum is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m .every day except Tuesdays.
  • The museum is open until 10 p.m. on Wednesday and Friday evenings.

Admission to the Louvre is free on the first Sunday of every month.

The Louvre is slightly out of line of the Historic Axis which is roughly eight-kilometer (five-mile) architectural line bisecting the city. It begins on the east in the Louvre courtyard and runs west along the Champs-Ely sees. You can reach Louvre by the Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre Metro or the Louvre-Rivoli stations. I really hope that you enjoy this trip as much I did and defiantly don’t get lost. It is a great quote by Jean Cocteau quotes who was a French Poet, Novelist, Actor, Film Director and Painter.

“The Louvre is a morgue; you go there to identify your friends.”

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