Awesome Andaman Sea Reefs

Posted On April 22, 2010 

The Andaman Sea is fast evolving as a primary destination for tourists that travel to Southeast Asia. The large numbers of tourist arrive with the help of two international airports. There are also two domestic airports in the island region. This has had a profound impact on the natural environment.

Andaman Sea ReefsThe Andaman Islands have a long coastline. The climate, too, is tropical in nature. The sea has unbelievable coral reefs. These coral reefs simultaneously serve as habitat and breeding ground for the umpteen species of sea life. The reefs resemble exquisite turquoise rings when viewed from the air. They tend to fade into the deep blue sea.

These coral reefs, in the form of rings, provide wonderful opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. The reefs extend from the border regions of Burma to Malaysia. There are a plethora of dive spots within this region. There are also umpteen destinations for trips during the day and liveaboards.

The majority of Andaman Sea reefs tend to remain in healthy conditions. They display a wide variety of coral and marine life. The tourism industry has shown a growing influence. The number of travelers, too, has increased by leaps and bounds. These factors might cause degradation of the reefs.

Andaman sea scuba divingLately, there has been an increasing awareness to conserve the coastal resources. Scuba diving and snorkeling have played their part in spreading the message. Foreign as well as Thai divers are keen to conserve the beauty of the underwater reefs. They are working to increase awareness of the beauty of these reefs. The original and pristine environment of the reefs needs to be conserved.

During a dive trip, you may ask your operator on the policies toward conservation of nature. It is important to pay a close attention to the rules while diving besides the coral reefs. This will help you retain a clear conscience after visiting the natural treasures of the Andaman Sea.

The ecosystem of the Andaman Sea is rich both in diversity and abundance. The rich biodiversity is seen in habitats, species, and ecosystems. The coral reefs, sea beds, lakes, mangroves, and sea valleys serve as diverse habitats that are home to awesome species of flora and fauna. A lot of research and investigations still need to be carried out.Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands serve as the country’s premier destination for coral reefs. These islands have the largest chunk of coral cover in all of Southeast Asia. The majority of the 500 islands are dominated by fringing reefs. In addition, there are plenty of isolated outcrops that grow on rocky shores and granite walls. The region is famous for its range of species and intact corals. Till date, there have been recorded nearly 200 coral species.

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  1. vareeja says:

    The Andaman coral reefs, provide ideal sites for scuba diving and snorkelling, from the border areas of Burma down to Malaysia.

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