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Posted On November 27, 2009 

Having a huge collection of fine arts The Art Institute of Chicago (AIC) can be truly stated as an encyclopedia for fine arts. AIC is located at Illinois’s Grant Park in Chicago, at 111 South Michigan Avenue. In the permanent fine art collection of the museum there are many extra-ordinary collections of Impressionist as well as post-impressionist art. The various collections do include American arts, Old Master works, American and European decorative arts. You will also come across contemporary as well as modern arts and also a huge collection of Asian arts. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is connected with the AIC and is looked after by the President and Director James Cuno. AIC ranks second in the list of the largest art museum in United States. The total area of the museum is around one million square feet.

The Art Institute of Chicago has a huge collection of around 260000 art works which can be related to the world’s past of nearly 5000 year. The art works do depict various cultures around the whole world. You can witness the art form as early as of the Japanese prints up to the most recent American Art which are concentrated under the same roof of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Art Institute Of Chicago

The most popular art form in the museum is the collection of American paintings, Impressionist as well as Post-impressionist art work. Around 30 painting of Claude Monet are included in the Post-impressionist and impressionist art work section which includes numbers of Water lilies and also his famous six Haystacks. The museum has many notable works by Henri Matisse’s Renir, Pierre-Auguste and Paul Cezenne. The work of the above mentioned artists are Two sisters on the terrace, The Bathers, The Baskets of Apples, Madam Cezanne in a Yellow Chair respectively. Vince Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles and Self-Portrait created in 1887 are included in the non-French paintings of the Impressionist and post-impressionist period. Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks and Grand Wood’s American gothic are the most imperative works in the American collection.

Chicago Art Museum

In the Art Institute there are not only the collections of paintings but also numerous other works too. The Asian, European, American furniture styles and architecture from the Middle ages to the early nineteenth century is also displayed in the museum.

For the visually impaired visitors there is a special section called the touch gallery where they can feel the various art works. In this section there are many designed plates which have description written on them in Braille. The furniture pieces which are designed by Charles and Ray Eames as well as Frank Lloyd are included the American decorative art section of the museum. The age-old Roman, Greek and Egyptian galleries includes the mummy case of Paankhenamun, the mummy as well as many gold and silver coins. The American works on papers are placed in the Department of Prints and Drawings at the Art Institute. Near about fifty painting from the Terra museum are taken on loan in year 2005 and are kept in the department of American Art in the museum.

Chicago OHare International Airport is the nearest located airport if you want to reach the Art Institute of Chicago. The airport is very well connected to the important national as well as international cities. Later you can use the “El” train system. All the lines of the train stop at the museum. Also many bus stop at the museum.

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