Kanchipuram temple Wonders

Posted On December 30, 2011 

If ever you are in Tamil Nadu in India, then don’t miss a chance to go to Kanchipuram the land of a 1000 temples. Situated in the north eastern coastal region of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, this city is a great temple destination for all pilgrims. The Pallava capital during the 7th to the 9th centuries, this place is also famous for its lovely woven silk industry and also for being the headquarters of the Sankaracharya Mutt here. Known as the Golden City of Temples, Kanchipuram is a one of the seven sacred Indian sites and is also revered as the second most holy place in India after Varanasi.

The city of Kanchipuram also a few ruins of Buddhist stupas bearing proof to the existence of Buddhism here in early periods. The seat of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, this place was a great learning centre and a hub of art and architecture.

This silken haven Kanchipuram is today sought after by all saree lovers as it is the centre of hand woven beautiful silk Kanchipuram sarees. Their design and elegance is unmatchable and greatly popular due to its unique weaving and dyeing techniques. More than a 100 years old, the riches of this city attracted people from the West to come here and pave the way for an industry here.

Home to around 1000 temples, Kanchipuram temples are a sight to reckon with and provide the ultimate travel pleasures. Visit the Kailashnatha Temple here and enjoy the beauty of the sculptures here and the elegance of the construction. With around 58 small temples, this temple has the most beautiful fresco paintings and these adorn the shrine walls. This temple built of sandstone does not have as much cluttered effect as the other temples.

Kailashnatha Temple

Then visit the Kamakshi temple which is dedicated to the Goddess Kamakshi. The goddess here is worshipped in the form of a huge wheel placed in front of the idol. Here one can find an idol of the Indian Guru Sankaracharya also and it is believed that Sankaracharya defeated most of the Buddhist philosophers in a debate here. In fact, Kanchipuram is one of the three Shakti worship centres in India the other two being Varanasi and Madurai. The golden spire on top of the temple called the gopuram is imposing and exquisitely constructed. This is where the annual car festival is held on the 9th day of the lunar month in the months of February and March.

Kamakshi temple

Then you have the Varadaraja Temple which is a lovely edifice with the most magnificent of constructional charm. This is a Vishnu temple and is built of Hastagiri rock. Located at the end of the town of Kanchipuram, this temple with its 100 pillars in the hall is a complete treat for all devotees. A construction of the Vijayanagar period, the temple is famous for its impressive sculptures. There are ornamental rings that have been made out of a single chain and are found at the four corners of the hall. Such special features and more form the basis of the temple construction and the sculpture and the figurines here are immensely ornamental and eye catching. There is a pavilion here which belongs to the16th century and has all the extravagant craftsmanship of earlier times.

Varadaraja Temple

With many more temples in and around the city, Kanchipuram is a must see for all those who are on a South Indian temple tour.

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