Aleppo in Syria – Impress yourself with Aleppo tourist attractions

Posted On October 11, 2010 

If you come to any of the falafel stalls here Aleppo in Syria, you could actually watch the falafel being mixed and then deep fried. This is usually and most appropriately served with hummus and salad. This is then wrapped with pita bread as well. You should try out the many varieties of salad. The salad is made with beetroots, radish and cucumber in lovely tasting vinegar- pickle. They might also serve you French fries along with all this.

Aleppo in Syria

The best restaurant in Aleppo is the Sissi house, which is the finest place in Syria. You could reach them at 212 4362. In fact the old wooden beam and building is set in a courtyard which is covered in a large Christian quarter. This place is known through out Syria to serve the best food and also, surprisingly the very best wine.

Sissi house

While you are moving around Aleppo tourist attractions you should go to the citadel.  This is located on a hill that surrounds an empty moat. You could reach this place in a huge ramp which is appropriately arched. The entire structure looks like a huge Arabic fortress and this is the structure that almost dominates most of the city.  When you come inside you can see the many streets mosques, dungeons, bath complexes. You would also get to see the Ayyubid palace.  This happens to be a city which is within another city. And when you go along with Krak des chevaliers, this happens to be one of the greatest castles of the Middle East.

One of the only things that you should actually avoid here is talking politics with any of the locals. They clearly don’t like it and they usually take offence.

There are many of the local yellow taxis that are cheap and available in plenty. These taxis come with meters. You could see how much your entire journey would cost. So even if you don no know the language, you could be rest assured that you won’t be cheated out of your money this way.

You could carry a handbag around and Syria happens to be one of the safest cities in the world. The petty crime rate over here is almost negligible. So you could feel safe while you’re here and carrying around of money is quite fine.

One of the most famous items to try out here is the soap. Yes, you did read it right. Aleppo is famous around the entire world for its soap. The soaps here are a unique combination of olive oil and bay leaves.  For about two thousand years the method of preparation and the kind of ingredients used has not changed much and it almost untainted. The soaps are handmade right here in this city. There are a few people who even claim that the soap has medicinal properties too. However this may just be a myth.

Aleppo soap

If you want to indulge in any kind of shopping, you should go to the souk. Aleppo has one of the largest and longest covered souks in all of the Middle East. You will find this place to be a large stone labyrinth which you may be sure you are getting lost in. a lot of shops here sell the Aleppo soap. Besides these you could get almost anything. This place makes for something like a shopping mall right out of the medieval times.

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