Loire valley hotels: budget friendly and awesome

Posted On December 14, 2010 

When the many dozens of castles come along the meandering river Loire, it becomes hard to imagine that this is the setting for the many fairy tales of your childhood.  The palaces here are with one another almost in beautify and opulence and such. These are primarily large festivities that have been attended by many nobles and princes in lovely burst of elegance and the huge extravagance that have been placed here at the Loire valley hotels.

The Chambord is the most famous of the chateau of the Loire valley. Cheverly and chenonceax also come close. In fact, the largest palace of the entire French renaissance is an embodiment of regal power by François the first. This is then protected by a fifty five hundred hectare hunting estate. This has held on an unwavering fascination for the many guests who come here and have vested for the last five centuries in the Loire valley hotels.

Cheverny which is the largest of the Loire valley hotels is still I private hands and this place is quite magnificently furnishing and it has belonged to the same family for over six centuries and this place was quite famous for its hunting. This place served as a model to herge which is his moulinsart foundation.

This place has the most astonishing châteaux of the Loire. This happens to be an awesome master piece of the lovely French renaissance. This in all its non chalandtly straddles the entire river Cher and it is quite a testament for the four central women to its history.


This place happens to be a royal residence that over looked the entire Loire. This place has always been a favorite of the château. There are young kinds and most of the top people here are Italian and this happens to be awesome châteaux of the Loire. There is also a tomb from which Leonardo da Vinci lies within the chapel.


This is a lovely and large renaissance château. This place is served as an abode the Talleyrand. This place is also a jewel in the countryside of the whole berry. This place is also home to some of the many collections of the furniture empire.  This place happens to be the residence of the Spanish royal family. This happens mostly at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Azay Le rideau

This just happens to be a jewel of the renaissance and it is the perfect symbiosis of Italian and French art. This has also gazed right into the reflection and the mirror like waters which has lovely grace and serenity for many different centuries.


This gigantic fortress has an apparent austerity of a huge fortress; it has large gigantic columns which have a young Saint Louis which was built in the eighteenth century. There is also a treasure that is hidden within. This happens to be the largest tapestry ever known, spanning around one hundred and four meters. The region is quite famous for its many mansions, country houses, chapels, which is pretty good to see and observe. The architecture is simply marvelous.

The famous chateau du moulind is a nice stay at home, hidden away mansion deep in the forests of Sologne. This whole thing has been built with brick in the early part of the fifteenth century. This place has a certain kind of charm to it, which makes it completely irresistible. The recently renovated cottage is devoted to strawberries.

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