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Posted On September 15, 2010 

The trump tower is Donald trumps first hotel which is in the lower part of Manhattan.  The residents of the community tried blocking the construction of this Trump Soho which is forty six stories. They said that the Trump Soho hotel New York City would tower over everything around it.  When you look at the view form the upper floors, you will see the Hudson River located on the east comes across the lower part of Manhattan.  The lobby and bar and designed by the Rockwell group. This place had dark wood and dark leather.

Trump Soho hotel New York City

This place is not like the other trump constructions and it does not have the gaudy look as people might expect from a trump property.  The Andaz Wall Street has more interesting looking rooms that the Trump Soho New York Reviews.  This is probably because all of the three hundred and ninety one rooms are also use as condominiums. This basically means that they need to appeal to the buyer who is wiling to pay about one million and two hundred thousand pr units.

Trump Soho hotel condominiums

There is a constant parade of tunnel traffic that is along the Varick Street. The front door is a nice section of Spring Street.   These in fact are the nice parts of Soho, the Tri BeCa and the Greenwich Village is just a short walking distance away.

The rooms have a lot of art decoration and art decorated furniture.  The bed which is under a dark leather dashboard is very comfortable and from here, you can get a good view of the Hudson River through the, floor to ceilings windows.

Trump Soho hotel  New York reviews

With just one touch you can control the lights, the drapes, the heating and the air conditioning, using the televisions remote control.

The entire hotel is non smoking. Although, you may get the cigarette fumes from one of the rooms around this room.  When it is windy, the building creaked like the floor board of a haunted house.

The bathroom is quite large which is done with highly veined grey marble. The toilet has its own room, and a large glass booth. There us a tub with a luxurious soaker which is just along the floor to wall windows. The copper colored shower and the sink hardware is designed by the Rockwell group. And all of these look amazing.

Trump Soho hotel bathroom

The ground floor of the Italian restaurant Quattro Gastronomia Italiana is quite popular; the bar called Kastel has its own street entrance. This place offers bottle service and the Dj’s over here are open till the early hours of the morning. The place is mostly quiet. There is a library on the second floor.  Also a stylish room overlooks the entire lobby. This place is decorated with art and architecture books from Taschen.  There is a very small fitness center here. And all the guests are given passes to go to the New York sports club which is just a couple of blocks away. The roof has a pool and bar. This place has a spa which has a large health club which is expected to open this summer.

Quattro Gastronomia Italiana

Over here you would get breakfast at about six in the morning.  Dishes like the Quattro omelet with tomatoes, zucchini, basil and mozzarella and the Italian toast which is a French toast with pandoro. There is a Nespresso Cube single cup coffee maker which is right inside the room.

You could get a room here for about two hundred and ninety nine, during somewhere around early in the month of May. On other nights the hotel may charge you around five hundred and ninety nine Dollars for a night. It would be good if you could ask for a room with a view.

The Trump Soho is located at 246 Spring Street and you could reach them at 2128425500.

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