New Horizons Of Muscat attractions in Oman

Posted On October 12, 2010 

When you think of Muscat in Oman, you usually think of deserts, the oh so pretty belly dancers, kababs, barbeques, camels, Bedouins and tents. Apart from the oil and the wealth, of course. When you do come here though, you would find miles and miles of barren, rubble. In fact you might not really much vegetation here. There are cliffs with sharp rocks jutting out. You could drive for hours and feel like you are on the surface of the moon, with the belly dancers lingering somewhere; hopefully!

You might probably come across a man, dressed up in the traditional ‘dishdasha’ which is a very meager and flimsy protection with any regard to the kind of heat that this place receives.  You might wonder; if there is no habitation around, so what exactly this fellow would be doing here!

Muscat Oman

Right ahead, you might suddenly come across a few date palms that appear like a mirage on the horizon, only it isn’t a mirage. It is the real deal, for real! There are lots of people who come here again and again over the years because the very essence of this place is the charm of another lifestyle.  You might most probably come across a wadi or oasis. This almost swells out of the ground looking like a Christmas miracle. The wide stretches of orange sand and sand rocks are all over now and all you see is large rows of lush fields, you could also spot thee crude irrigation canals that feed the crop. Crude and ancient, although very effective, mind you!

You might come across many groves of date palms then again there is the huge green pool of cool clear water that gleams in humble temptation, inviting and irresistible.

This might be a good time for you to change towels and get some rejuvenation. If you got kids along, get them out of the car and have them run around a little from all the constricted sand ride could get hectic.

When you bother checking out the wadi, you would see the many years of creaks and crevices which the wadi streams into from!

The water is somehow quite cold and might get you wondering, but don’t! All you need to do here is enjoy the wadi and lose yourself from the escape of the sandy, dusty, dry heat of the road.

You could stay at the Chedi in the capital of Oman, which is Muscat. The Chedi is a highly stylized hotel that has amazing interiors that has given this place quite an attractive reputation.


Everything here is white. The rooms are beautiful, designed in an ultimate style with is quite minimalist with really good taste. The gardens here looks beautiful  they are quite lush with trimmed hedges which make geometric mazes and there is lighting in the evenings which is perfect as it is well planned and gives relief to the many beautiful sculpted plants and tress that look more like show pieces than anything!

Check back here to find out more about Muscat attractions.

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