Come to the beautiful land of desert and sunshine at Muscat in Oman

Posted On October 13, 2010 

By now you might have seen a lot of people wobbling whimsically across the limestone and losing their balance. The beach isn’t much too actually an alternative to not slip. The old refinery here is quite pebbly. Although if you do want to relax then you can get into one of your catatonic states and get some sleep or something like a siesta in the very lap of luxury. There is an amazing spa and diner which is fit for royalty. Still wondering? The Chedi, the famous and opulent Chedi is just up the valley.

Chedi Musacat

In fact after you have you nice late breakfast, it would be a good time to get yourself a massage and then maybe you could just laze around in the pool.  The children could play in the sand and have their own fun. The thing is that Muscat happens to be a mixture of modern building that is quite impersonal. There are shopping malls, mosques, souks a lot of sand and lovely tarmac roads.

The Muttrah happens to be the oldest souk just outside town. If you actually do like jewelry then you could prepare yourself to be completely dazzled. The necklaces are bracelets here are made quite exotically and the designs could leave you spellbound. There is so much gold everywhere.  If you are on a budget, you might want to keep you fiancé or your wife away!

Muttrah Jewellery

The traditional khanjar is what is the most easily available here as it is of national importance.  This is also part of the Oman mans traditional attire.  If you are looking for more adventure then you could indulge in some serious Bedouin camping. There is an all night desert camp and it is also very good for children.  This is what is called adventure. You should also ask for some serious comfort.

You can actually chill out in actually Arabic Bedouin style.  They will take you deep into the desert with nothing but a tent and possible some cattle as well.  The huts and the tents are made quite well and are dotting around the beautiful orange sand that is just all over the place.  You can get lovely artifacts which are both taste full and worth picking up as souvenirs.

One thing that you certainly won’t expect is that these tents have both electricity and air conditioning! How is that for a tent in the desert?

In the morning you should just indulge in a nice long camel ride which happens to be quite soothing for the back.  You could then later on head over to Nizwa which is a giant ancient fort that is located in the capital of Oman. The fort is here from the seventh century.

Check back here Muscat things to do more of what happens in the lovely and exotic desert country of Muscat in Oman.

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