Phnom Kulen, Cambodia

Posted On June 15, 2011 

Phnom Kulen, Cambodia is one of the best adventure destinations in the whole of Asia. Getting to the city is an adventure in itself. The whole way is not off roading, but there are still patches that are recently grated or fully dirt covered. The rainy season is when it is most difficult. You would need a four wheel drive or a high axle vehicle.

Phnom Kulen is an incredibly beautiful destination in Cambodia. The best way to get here is via Siem Reap city, which is about an hour and a half from the destination.

The mountainous region of Phnom Kulen is a destination that abounds in mystery and intrigue. The Phnom Kulen is thought of extensively to be the cradle of the Khmer Empire. The hilltop here is home to the biggest reclining Buddha in the country. The King Jayavarma II declared the country independent in Java in AD 802.

The region has just recently been returned to the hands of the government after the Khmer Rouge fell. The state of the roads makes it extremely inaccessible, especially when it is monsoons. The River of the 1000 Lingas cuts through the area.

There are more than thousand minuscule carvings into the sand stone at the river bed. The large blocks of stone here have Apsaras, Vishnu and other figures carved here. All sandstone that was used in the construction of the Angkor was quarried right here.

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