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Posted On August 30, 2010 

The Rustic region of the county of Sonoma, in the Sate of California in the United States, is definitely a wine tasters paradise although  , the Napa is way better !Connoisseurs and tasteful folk from all over he world come here to Sonoma Country to appreciate its charms ad enjoy the beautiful little towns that this  amazing place has to offer. There are many upscale art galleries and restaurants hat have maintained their old school look and feel.

sonoma county map

Let’s looks at some things you could do in this place

The wineries here are generally owned by families and comparatively much smaller than other winery setups. One of the youngest and more visited wineries here is the scribe winery. This is located on the Napa Road in sonoma county map. (707 939 1858) The Scribe winery is own by Andrew Mariani and his family. This winery is on a two hundred acre land that not long ago, used to be a turkey farm. This place has a rusty drive way so you should drive carefully on your way in.

Scribe winery

The place is famous for being quite active during the summer and the fall. There are evening concerts that are regularly held in the main square of the city. Concerts and events are also held next to the farmers market and the Sonoma County Repertory Theater. This place is located on east Napa Street. (707 939 8288).The theater feature plays by Shakespeare and evening newer plays by Neil Labute and his likes.

Keep lunch reserved for the girl and the Fig. No, this isn’t a feature film; it is however, the name of one of the nicest restaurants in the city. This restaurant is brought to you by Sondra Bernstein who has a new restaurant opened up now called Estate, you be sue to check that one out as well. Sondra is famous for having the most elegant and fun restaurant experiences. . This place opened in early two thousand and eight and it specializes in gourmet Italian cuisine.  The ingredients used are mostly northern Californian. This place is located at West Spain Street, Sonoma Country. (707 933 3663)

Apart from wine being the famous produce here, another unusually famous produce of this place is the locale produced Cheese that is made from goat’s milk. Apparently, at Redwood Hill Farm which is located on Highway 116 North, at Sebastopol (707 823 8250); you get organic Wildflower honey from Quivira Vineyards. This place is at West Dry Creek road in Healdsburg. The local coffee shop, La Michoacana, is known for its famous ice creams with fruit flavours and a special caramel flavor. This place is found in Tocuba in Mexico.

When you are done with that, you should Head down to Healdsburg. This place is one of the Main towns here in Sonoma Country. This place is filled with boutiques and affluent homes. This place is famous for the collection of Art that the people of this town collectively boast of. You might want to first go to the center for Arts. This place has a large rotating cast of local artists and regional artists.

Healdsburg art collection

Check back here in some time to find out more about what more you could do in this beautiful place.

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