A New Era In Sri Lanka

Posted On October 26, 2010 

The Era hotel in Sri Lanka is an intimate and stylish hotel just on the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka.  Galle and Unawatauna are also close by.

The terracotta tiled cottages have now been transformed from what used to be a Tsunami struck structures to an over whelming stylish eight roomed hotel.  The south of Sri Lanka, at the tip; there is a long quite bay of houses right on the beach.  This place is known to be one of the best spots to watch local fishermen at what seems like a stilt method. There are people who spend most of their days sitting just perched on tip of wooden poles.  When you reach the white sands of Unawatauna, which happens to be some of the best beaches in the country, the historic port here in town which is close to Galle. This place also has an Old Dutch fort which has been here from about four hundred years.

Era hotel in Sri Lanka

Dawn Ratcliffe who is a Britisher, who owns the hotel Era, is a stylish person with good taste. He has transformed the terra cotta tiled cottages into something like a hotel with eight rooms. The hotel is designed in a way that makes the whole setting quite intimate.  There is a two story building that has a large wooden veranda and shutters which are full length.  This is primarily to keep up with the conservative Sri Lankan culture. The swimming pool is almost fifty feet long. The tiles and green-blue and the sides of the swimming pool are colonnaded. This sometimes almost reminds you of one of those monumental roman baths.

There is a beach front reef where the sea is a bit rough and the waves usually break on the huge reef.  The sea water pool is awesome and is a great place for you to do your many laps of swing. The water is almost chemical free and it serves as an awesome substitute for swimming in the sea which could prove dangerous and is not recommended.

Era beach

Here are four rooms on the ground floor. Two of these four rooms have private courtyards.  There are another four rooms on the first floor and the ocean view from here is just out of this world.

The beds are four – poster, king size beds with floors that are painted in the color of honey.  There are a lot of options to choose from, for instance, if you are not too fond of air conditioning and you want some unconditioned air, and then there are ceiling fans.

Here is titanium glitter that’s is sprinkled over the polished grey concrete walls and this gives the whole thing a modern effect.

The bar is well stocked and the staff is quite friendly.  There is a large list of cocktails and Tapas.  In fact the menu for dinner is a nice fusion of what looks like Italian flavors and oriental favorites.  You have dishes like curry and rice which is the national dish of Sri Lanka.

This hotel also has facilities for the disabled.

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