Stok Kangri Trek Travel Attractions

Posted On May 25, 2012 

Stok Kangri is the highest mountain range in this part of Himalayas and lies in the region of Ladakh in the northwestern part of India. Located in the Hemis national park, this lies around 12 km to the southwestern direction of the trailhead in the Stok village. Stok Kangri is a lovely peak and is great destination for all nature lovers.

The peak is normally is filled with snow in the months of July and Augusts and has some of the best landscape and terrain. This peak has been viewed as safe enough for teams to go on expeditions and mountaineering ventures.

Ladakh is one place where every adventure lover would love to go and would dream of being in. This paradise on earth is a great place to be in and is a thrilling combination of travel excitement and adventurous pleasures. So get into the region of Stok Kangri at a height of around 20,075 feet and see this prominent peak on the southern part of this region. You would have to spend a lot of time getting acclimatized to this place and as you visit the monasteries here you would surely love to be in the midst of the Shey, Hemis, and Thikse monasteries which are famous destinations here in the land of Ladakh. Get into those routes with the best picturesque villages and the most ideal travel delights. So go to the high plains of Nimaling and reach the Stok Kangri Base Camp. Here you would enjoy the approach to the mountains. It would be a three day affair. Enjoy the campsites here and also the distant views that take your vision till Tibet and the eastern part of the Karakoram. The climb on Stok Kangri is very challenging and is a great adventure. Though the climb is relatively safe and is a great place with the most fascinating slopes though low, yet the trek is one that promises to be the best and the most interesting.

Stok Kangri Trek

At an impressive height of around 6153 m Kangri is a great challenge to many. The height is not technically an easy climb and one does not need basic mountaineering equipment for the same. The view from the top is one of the best and the best views of Karakoram and Zanskar are most fascinating here. The Mount K2 is also seen from here and this second highest peak in the entire world is at a height of around 8611m and provides great travel pleasures.

A very popular Himalayan trekking peak, the Stok Kangri peak is a great place with the best travel pleasures.

People normally come to Leh, the Ladakh capital and then proceed to experience the trek which starts from the base. When we went for the trek we explored the monasteries that are so much part of this place and we enjoyed the entire experience.

The second day we tried to go on a short hike to the top to practice the method of exercising at this elevated height. The Stok Kangri was perched on the other side of the lovely valley and we were quite prepared for the challenge that we were waiting for.

On the third day, we went driving to a place called Spituk which was the closest road that was near Stok Kangri. Then we had to get ready to start our trek. We started it with an easy walk of around four hours. We then reached a region called Zing Chan. We stayed overnight here and the camp was quite exciting.

The trek continued the following morning with us going to the base of the Stok la which was a pass below the mountains. The entire trip we were trekking in the lovely landscape of Ladakh. We were totally taken in by the entire surroundings and the whole experience was really fascinating. Here at the base of the Stok La, we halted and had a good meal and then slept overnight. We had a good night’s sleep.

Stok Kangri trekking

The following day we went to trek over the Stok La Pass and camped at Mankorma. This pass gave us great views of the entire region of Stok Kangri. We loved the beautiful scenery around and the enchanting sights here are very mesmerizing.

I still remember how we climbed onto a ridge and then we went towards a large glacier. We crossed the glacier and then had gone up the summit. The last lap of the trek is very strenuous and takes a toll on our physical strength. The panoramic view from his region is a sight to behold. The Karakoram Range was to our north west and it was a great sight.

While on the Stok Kangri trek the enchanting sights of the snow clad peaks was what held our attention and we were completely enthralled by it. Again walking past the village of Stok was a great thrill and we could see the best sights of the forts and castles here. This drive was around six hours and was very enriching and thrilling.

Then we proceeded towards the Khardung La pass. This is the major challenge for the entire trip. Today this is the highest motarable road and the whole purpose of the entire Stok Kangri trek was wonderful.

With the greatest pleasures and the most ideal travel delights, the Stok Kangri Trek is a great challenge and an ultimate luxury for all adventure lovers.

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