Wild Attractions at the Nagarhole National Park

Posted On August 7, 2012 

Located in the lovely surroundings of the state of Karnataka, in the pristine ambience of a great land is found a beautiful region filled with the best ambience and laden with a great surrounding. Just around 80 kms from the region of Nagarhole, this is a great region, to be in and an ideal destination for animal lovers. So get to see the best wildlife experiences and bask in the pleasures of a great travel delight. Spanning around 64,330 hectares and see the lovely wildlife leisures that seem to come alive here.

Visit the rhino in the Kaziranga Nagarhole National Park here and enjoy this lovely park which has the best abundance of wildlife. There are large mammals which have animals like the leopard, tiger, dhole, wild elephant, and the Indian bison, the gaur. There are other species like the muntjak, the chital spotted deer, the four horned antelope, the sloth bear, the wild boar and th mongoose, hyena and the civet. The landscape here is very gentle and the valleys with their shallow slopes. With the surroundings of dry deciduous forests which provide the perfect background for the wildlife enthusiast, the grassy swamps here with their clayey soil provide another delight altogether.

The area is perennially moist and has the best growth of luxuriant greenery all through. The refreshing ambience here provides a perfect travel delight and the entire region of Nagarhole National Park is filled with he best pleasures of a great wildlife region.

 Nagarhole national park

The name Nagarhole is obtained from the two words Nagar and Hole. Nagar means snake and hole means streams, The place has some of the best serpentine streams that go through the tropical forest here which was established in the year 1955. In the year 1975, the entire area was expanded to have more forest reserve. Initially the forest was a hunting ground and the Maharajas of Mysore used to come here to satisfy their adventure pursuits. The park got recently renamed as the Rajiv Gandhi National Park.

Today the Nagarhole National Park is among the best wildlife zones in this part of the world and has a great population of bison and elephant. There are many animal varieties here that have more than 250 bird species here. The Kabini river in the north borders the land with a kind of beauty that is unmistakable. Then you have the Bandipur National park which is another magnificent beauty here into his land. There is the Kabini dam which is a greatly fascinating picturesque reservoir which is the divider between the two national parks. The dry seasons of February and June attracts a lot of tourists to see the beauty of this place and to see the artificial lake which looks majestic here.

Nagarhole national park attractions

At the Nagarhole National Park the temperature does not cross to a very high degree and the small and brief winter here is from the months of November to may. the temperature during this time comes down to around 33 degrees centigrade. The monsoon is not regular and the main vegetation is the mixed deciduous and moist type. The animals one can see here are the gaur, the wild bor, the barking deer, the four horned antelope. This is also a great place to see the sights of the elephants here which are a major feature here in this part of the world. There are beautiful bamboo thickets and lovely luxuriant verdant stretches which provided the visual delights here.

Amongst the 250 bird species, the water fowl in the river Kabini is very popular. then you have the blue bearder bee eater, the scarlet minviet and the herons and ducks are very much favorites of all the nature lovers.

Nagarhole National park also has the best kind of reptiles, the monitor lizard, and the marsh crocodile and many such species. There are aquatic and terrestrial tortoises and the tree frogs, toads and frogs. This is also the main area for many butterflies and insects and there are many nature lovers who come here specially to see this.

Nagarhole national park information

Nagarhole National park is reached easily from the nearby areas of Karnataka from the towns of Mysore and Madikere. Bangalore is the major international airport and railhead.

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