Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary Pleasures and Tour Delights

Posted On May 11, 2012 

Sunderbans the very name conjures up the image of a great haven, for all wildlife lovers and gives the pleasures of a great land filled with the ideal natural sights. Come here to the beautiful region of maximum pleasures and fill your travel kitty with the most cherished memories.

Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in the state of West Bengal in India, this is a place that is best visited in the months of September to March A UNESCO World Heritage Site Sunderbans is situated to the south of Kolkata and spreads over around 54 islands and goes up to Bangladesh. Sunderbans is the largest delta in the entire world and has been formed by the amalgamation of the River Meghna, River Brahmaputra and River Ganga. The sanctuary spreads over an area of around 2,585 square kilometres and came under the Project Tiger in the year 1973. It was declared a world heritage site.

Very popular for its tigers, Sunderbans is known for its large forests filled with mangroves The sanctuary is home to a lot of wild animals like the wild pigs, spotted deer, monkeys, white bellied eagles, herons and also kingfishers. It is said that Sunderbans is the place where you have around 270 Bengal Tigers. Sundarbans is the place where you find a lot of Olive Ridley Turtles, estuarine crocodiles, fish and the Ganges Dolphin.

Monkeys in Sunderbans

Sunderbans is a place which is ideal for bird watchers and ornithologists. A great place to see birds is the Sajnekhali region. there are many water birds here which are a great visual delight. Some of the best birds found here are greater adjutant stork, Asian open bill stork, black necked stork, white ibis, white collared kingfisher, black capped kingfisher, swamp francolin, and the brown winged kingfisher. The area has many watchtowers which are the perfect place for watching birds.

Then go to Netidhopan which is another exciting place where you would get the best pleasures of Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary. the entire region is full of barking deer and the Oliver Ridley Turtles. There is a place called Kanak where you can watch the Olive Ridley Turtles which is a great place for breeding turtles.

Visit Simlipal National Park which is a great wildlife zone here in this part of Sundarbans. So take a boat ride around Sunderbans which lies outside the sanctuary. You need permits to visit estuarine deltas, from the related office.

Simlipal National Park

The summers here are quite hot and the winters cold so it is ideal to visit this place in the months of December to February. The nearest airport is Kolkata and this is around 131 kilometres from Sunderbans. Kolkata in turn is connected by road and rail to other cities. Take the Port Canning which is the nearest railway station to Sunderbans.

It is easy to get accommodation at Sajnekhali where you get the best facilities of the tourist lodge. This lodge gives the basic facilities and so don’t expect that you would get the best comforts of the modern day. Accommodation is also available outside the park at Bakkhali and Piyali.

Sunderbans is one of the wildlife zones of India which allow you to enjoy the best delights of being in a land of beautiful sights. The name Sunderbans comes from the term Sundari trees which is a reference to the cluster of mangrove trees found here in this beautiful natural region. There is a mangrove swamp in the southern part and this has many wild animals and also estuaries filled with crocodiles. This is one of the largest preserves of the Royal Bengal Tiger and is the main site of a project for tiger conservation.

It is one of the most beautiful ecosystems in this part of India, and lies at the mouth of the River Ganga which is a part of the world’s largest region filled with delta sights. Some of the best tigers in the entire world are found here.

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